You Will Not Come Without Permission — #SatSpanks #BDSM 17

Hello Saturday Spanking Friends!   This is another excerpt from Preston & Avery, my upcoming D/s book.  Preston has just told Avery for the first time that she cannot come without permission and she’s trying to wrap her mind around this dictate. 

Avery stilled under his hand and he chuckled to himself;  he could almost hear the wheels turning in her head.  God how he loved to get into a woman’s mind–there was nothing sweeter than watching a woman struggle with her submission and need to be independent.  She enjoyed his attentions and words of affirmation too much to disobey, he was pretty sure of it; but she was also fighting the need to tell him to ‘fuck off’ he was also just as confident of that too. 
“Answer me, Avery, you will not come without permission. I need to hear a ‘Yes, Sir’ from you.”  He stilled his fingers, pinching her bottom with increased strength to get her to answer. 
“Mmmmm, ow! Yes, Sir.” 
Preston circled her clit with feathery touches and when he inserted his thumb into her bottom, she couldn’t contain the groan or spasm that overtook her.  “What do you want, girlie?  I need to hear you say it.”
Avery stiffened fighting what her needs were, but when he pinched her clit she was unable to contain her desire any longer, “I need you to fuck me; please, Sir, fuck me.”
“Very nice, girlie; and because you asked so nicely, I’ll indeed fuck you and you’re to come whenever you’re ready.”
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