You Will Not Be A Servant 21

Hello fellow Saturday Spanking fans!!  I have a new WIP that I’m almost done writing.   This is a D/s book about Preston, an attorney, and Avery, the woman who is working off the crime of stealing by cleaning and organizing his historic home.  Avery has just been told that Judge Morton and Preston came to this agreement with her father who is also a prominent Judge.   

“This is bullshit!  Are ya kidding me?”  Avery started to stand up again, “I’m not going to be your fucking servant, indentured or not!”
“Sit.  Down.  I’ll not say it again.  Part of being a responsible adult is having control of your actions and your tongue.  You, young lady, appear to have a problem with both,” Preston by this point was standing pointing at her chair, “If I were you, I would sit on my bottom before it becomes a  distant memory.”
Avery felt her bottom hit the chair before she even realized she had bent at the waist.  
A smirk played on Judge Morton’s lips obviously enjoying the interaction between Avery and and the attorney.  
Preston was still standing, staring at Avery “As I was saying, you’ll be paid for your services, thus you will not be a servant.”

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