X, Y, and Z aka Happy Endings #SpankA2Z 2

X, Y, and Z   aka Happy Endings

I’m schlepping to the end. I didn’t end gracefully this year. I’m merging three letters together, and I’m pretty sure it’s breaking all sorts of rules.  But it’s over.  

But I love happy endings.  As an author, writing The End is an amazing feeling. It’s over, and we can finally share it with people. We stayed up until the wee hours of the night, woke up before the sun to write each book.  We laughed, shared part of our soul, and many times cried when something romantic happened or the characters shared scars.  As romance writers there is always a beautiful happy ending.  I love that. An engagement, wedding, or a baby on the way.  You cry and sigh and get that wistful feeling.  

I remember feeling this way last year when Spank A-Z ended.  You’re glad it’s over, it was brutal at some points 

 But then you see all the friends you’ve made in the process. Readers and authors alike.  You learn a lot about the authors and their lives, and I know I even learn things about myself as I just let the words flow in a post.  

So another year of sweat and blood soaked posts has ended, and I’ll promise to never do it again.  EVER. 

 But when next year comes, I’ll do it again.  Why?  Because I love reading the posts and I love sharing.  It’s fun.  I hope you all had fun too. 


until next year’s SpankA2Z 2016!

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