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X = X Marks the Spot

I am losing ideas for blog posts, losing faith and may actually be losing hope.  But there is only one more post after today!!  (I did the Letter “Y” yesterday–for whatever reason I goofed.)

I am doing my blog on the erogenous zones on both women and men according to WebMD via Redbook (I know, I know what does Redbook know–but it seemed good and we go back to losing faith and losing hope–remember?)

This is my disclaimer for today

Sacrum (on you)

Why it’s hot: The vertebrae in the small of your back (right above your buttocks) contain sacral nerves, which shoot straight to your genitals, say Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, coauthors of The Essence of Tantric Sexuality . In fact, electric stimulation of this nerve will trigger an orgasm in 91 percent of women, according to a recent study.

Who knew this statistic? Ninety one percent?  9 – 1 – %    Seriously??  I have never had an orgasm that way–time for an experiment!!!  Lucky for me my hubby is part scientist and engineer so experiments are his thing!  If you can add sex to it, it is a total Yahtzee!! for him. 

Try this: Lie on your stomach and have your partner press on the sacrum with his palm, or give it a gentle karate chop-style massage. This will stimulate the sacral nerves and build heat in the genitals, says Michael Gach, Ph.D., founder of the Acupressure Institute (acupressure.com).
I loved the look of this position

Nipples (on him)

Why it’s hot: Your own nipples probably get plenty of action. But your guy’s can be very hot spots, too: They contain just as many nerve endings as yours do.
Try this: Start off by lightly stroking the area with your fingertips. If that gets rave reviews, try upping the intensity with a gentle pinch or playful tug.
Screw a playful tug–it’s his turn now!

Big toe (on you)

Why it’s hot: Ever notice how your toes twitch when you hit a high note (hence the term “toe-curling orgasm”)? That’s because there’s a direct neurological link between your privates and your little piggies—especially the biggie. What’s more, you can work this reflex in the other direction:

“Stimulating the big toe can actually trigger an orgasm in some women,” says Johnson. Another experiment coming!!!

Try this: Of course, your guy can take your toes into his mouth—a classic bedroom move. Or, have him gently pinch the sides of your big toe and roll it between his fingers, Gach suggests; this activates reflexology pathways connected to your genitals.

Soles of the feet (on him)

Why it’s hot: Women aren’t the only ones packing pleasure potential in their feet—men do, too. According to Michaels and Johnson, the soles are the masculine sweet spot.
Try this: Aim for an acupressure point on the bottom of his foot, about one-third of the way down from the third toe. “This is nicknamed the Bubbling Spring since pressing here and holding for a few seconds can cause energy to ‘bubble up’ the legs to the genitals,” explains Gach. Or try lightly brushing the soles of his feet.

Navel (on you)

Why it’s hot: Your navel and your clitoris have a lot in common: In the womb, these two regions grow from the same tissue, linking them neurologically in adulthood. “In fact,” says Johnson, “if you stick your finger in your belly button, you may sense it in your genitals.”

I don’t know about you but since having kids just the thought of someone pressing on my belly button or, Dear God, putting a finger in it and pressing, makes me nauseous and queasy.  I may never know this one, and you are all forbidden from telling my husband. 

Try this: Your sweetie can use his tongue or fingers to delve into this indentation. If that’s too intense, ask him to caress or kiss his way two to three inches southward. He’ll hit three acupressure points, called the Sea of Energy, which are linked to sexual pleasure as well as to fertility, says Gach.
You would not believe how difficult it is to find a picture of a tongue licking a belly button

Nose (on you and him)

Why it’s hot: Next to your kisser, your sniffer contains more nerve endings than any other part of your face. Plus, your nasal passages contain erectile tissue that expands when aroused, further increasing circulation and sensitivity. Stimulating this area can even lead to “honeymoon sinusitis,” in which canoodling couples come down with cases of nasal congestion.

Honeymoon Sinusitis?   I have never heard of this either.   Maybe I need to read Redbook more often.  Is this why my mother read it??  I wonder.   

Try this: Nibble on the tips of each other’s noses. “The cartilage here is receptive to heavier stimulation like this,” says Michaels. Or rub noses in an “Eskimo kiss.” You and your honey may come down with honeymoon sinusitis yourselves—but hey, who’s complaining?

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