Women Fantasizing About Priests – Her Priest


As promised I have another sexy excerpt for you to enjoy.  Thank you to everyone who has bought HER PRIEST  And if you haven’t purchased it yet, click on the links to get your copy:) I want to take the time to thank my editor and formatter, Abbie Lee at Duckman Proofreading, she’s an amazingly gifted and talented woman.  I highly recommend her and she can be contacted at:  http://www.duckman-proofreading.com/


She shimmied on her knees, working her way out of the corner, turning to find him standing gloriously and beautifully naked, wearing only a bright red stole and his collarette, holding two white candles tied with a red ribbon so they formed an “X”.  His cock jutting forward, pointing directly at her.  But her eyes were drawn to his chest framed by the red stole accentuating his tanned chest from his bike rides all summer in Amsterdam.  He had been taking full advantage of the warm weather, not wanting to miss the very limited nice days in this country.

Not able to help herself, her hips thrust involuntarily at the sexuality of it all.  His erection bobbed rhythmically, and she wanted nothing more than to fuck him at that moment. 

He winked at her, a dimple showing in his cheek.  “You like what you’re seeing, little one?”

“Yes, Sir.  You’re looking holy…and fuckable.”

“Mmmm, that seems to be an odd combination for a good Catholic girl.  Am I right?”

“Oh no, Father.  You’re totally wrong.  Catholic women often cream their panties imagining sex with a priest…well, the young priests, Father.

We know that they haven’t had sex in a long time, and wonder if they have erections under those long flowing robes.

Their fingers are soft and manicured, and we wonder what the silky, smooth skin would feel like circling our clits.  What would the moist, pink lips of a priest feel like on our breasts?  Would he fuck us hard?  Or would he be gentle, kind, and caring?  And then we wonder if we could turn the placid, meek priest into a roaring lion, one who would pound us into wild abandon, screaming with our orgasms in the sanctuary.  His come spurting rope after rope into our needy, clamping pussies, and his seed dripping from our hot, sated cunts for hours, an illicit reminder of our sacred and carnal indulgence with a man of the cloth.”

“Jesus Christ!”  He stood blinking at her, the angry red head of his cock dripping with pre-come.  “Is that really what you Catholic women and girls are thinking?”

“Well, I can’t speak for them all.  But the ones I knew did, myself included of course.  We loved the new young priests, and many of us had crushes on them.”  She licked her lips, staring at his sculpted body.

“And you, Father Riley, are a Catholic woman’s wet dream.” 


The paperback of this book will be available within a day or two – so keep your eyes open for it:)

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