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Look at that gorgeous cover….can you smell it??  It smells of snow and hot cocoa, and I have no doubt there are plenty of spankings, sex, and love!  Jamie Phillips has brought an excerpt for you to enjoy. Click on the book cover above or the buy link to purchase your own copy at Blushing Books!

Having an affair is one thing but having it with the son of your family’s worst enemy is quite another. Can this modern Juliet find happiness with her Romeo?


The feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys has nothing on the feud between the Allesandros and the Pascoes.

Alicia Allesandro doesn’t know why her father hates Ian’s father, she only knows that at his age, if he learns that she is in love with his enemy’s son it would most likely kill him. Ian Pascoe has no idea what lies at the heart of this decades old feud, either. He only knows that his father blames Alicia’s father for all the ills that have befallen his family.

But, this will not deter these two star-crossed lovers. They are determined to be together—anywhere and anytime. However, it means sneaking around and hiding, which only serves to heighten the excitement of their secret encounters in which Alicia regularly goes over Ian’s knee and receives a good, painfully delightful spanking. Fortunately, they have the cold, icy, snowy North-eastern winter weather to help shield them from small town scrutiny but winter doesn’t last forever and their need is too strong to stop. Can they find a way to be happy together without anyone getting hurt?

Publisher’s note: This love story contains spanking and sexual scenes.


Ian slapped Alicia’s upturned bottom again, pleased to feel her bucking and squirming in his grasp.

He felt a lot more manly doing the job properly; he’d felt stupid just patting her. No sooner had he felt this than a new worry entered his mind. Her heavy winter shoes, kicking at each swat, threatened to damage the seat back or door. He stopped, leaned down and grasped Alicia’s left ankle.

“We’ll have these off,” he said and unzipped her boot.

At his words, Alicia’s heart leapt in her breast. When she realized he meant her shoes, she was strangely disappointed. Alicia smiled ruefully at her mixed feelings as he removed her shoes.

Did she really want to feel his hand slapping her bare bottom? When it stung so much through denim and cotton?

“My feet will get cold,” Alicia said when her boots were tossed behind the backseat.

“They’re busy enough to keep warm,” Ian replied. “I’m more worried about the car. How would I explain a torn seatback or broken door panel?”

“With difficulty, I guess,” said Alicia, watching his re-arranging of her bottom on his knee from her cozy spot on the seat. Perhaps because of all the heat his effort was generating in her butt, she felt warm, safe and filled with longing. Her desire to have him now was only equaled by her desire to have him continue with her spanking.

Ian patted her tight bottom and stared sternly at her, receiving a languid, lust filled smile in return.

He hadn’t missed the way her eyes flared open when he’d said ‘we’ll have these off’ or the crestfallen look that followed when he’d unzipped her boot. It seemed she approved of his chosen kink, which was fair for he was ecstatic with hers.

He raised his hand to continue; then a sudden squall noisily dumped more sleet on the windshield. Ian watched and waited. The darkened rear windows made them almost invisible to outsiders, he knew that, but from the inside he found it impossible to believe for he could see out easily enough. Fir branches, heavy with icy slush, swayed ponderously in the wind, sometimes tapping against the car, always casting shadows that flitted menacingly over Alicia’s back and bottom.

“It’s just the storm,” Alicia said.


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Author Bio:

So long as I can remember I’ve been interested in reading and spanking, particularly romantic spanking (I still think Mr. Knightley’s verbal spanking of Emma in Jane Austen’s book of the same name is the best there is anywhere). I’m showing my age when I say that in those long ago days it was easy to have both interests met in a large number of regular books (and even movies). Eventually, my interest in reading became an interest in writing and that naturally led to writing spanking romances.

I’m married with two grown kids and live in central Canada when I’m not traveling, which I very often am. If I’m not reading or writing, I can usually be found outdoors with a camera looking to capture perfect images of landscapes and wildlife.


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