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I have a new historical western coming out soon!  No, that’s not my cover, I’ll reveal that soon too.  The title of my new book is Widow WagonIt is set in 1865, right after the Civil War has ended. All the women on this wagon have lost their husbands to illness, bar room brawls, Native Americans, or they died in the war. There are Yankees and Confederates. The Widow Wagon for this excursion has six women and two children that have purchased passage to meet their future husbands at stops along the Oregon Trail.

In this first book, we meet Sophie, a mail order bride, who has been traveling on the Widow Wagon for seventy days and is meeting Daniel Weston for the first time.

“I don’t know
what this means!” she said, stabbing a finger at the page. “I gave you twenty
five dollars for seventy miles. It’s more than enough. I refuse to give you
another ten dollars. It’s just robbery,
Angus. You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to take money from a widow
like this.”
Daniel turned to
Sophie. “I want you to get in the wagon and wait for me. I’ll take care of
this. Just the men. Now go on.”
“I… but
he’s talking to me! I don’t wanna get to the wagon.” Sophie crossed her
arms over her chest. How did he think her walking away would solve this? She’d
been taking care of things since Clive had died, and she didn’t feel right just
walking away and letting a man she barely knew take care of it.
“I asked you
nicely to please wait in the wagon.” He pointed to his buggy. “I
won’t ask again. If I gotta tell you again, you’ll be sorry.”
Was that a threat? Did he just threaten me
with a spanking? Is that what he’s doing?
“Wait. Are
you… this can’t be. This isn’t your problem…” But she could tell by his
face that he’d made it his problem. It was the same face that Clive had given her
when he was nearing the end of his patience. But she couldn’t just walk away
without giving Angus one last piece of her mind. “You’re despicable. I don’t
understand how you can sleep at night. How dare you! Taking money from a widow —
a ridiculous amount of money. I just—”
“Go to the
wagon. Now, Sophie!” Daniel’s strong hand took hold of her shoulder, and pushed
her toward the wagon. He gave her a hard swat to her bottom as she walked away.
She hadn’t wanted
her time with Daniel to start this way, so she swallowed her next retort and walked
to the buggy. She climbed up, sitting on the bench, listening to the deep male
voices laughing and whispering around her. It was hard enough being
Daniel’s  mail order bride.  But how was she going to be able to make a
life with a man who thought it perfectly acceptable to swat his wife’s
bottom—in public?”  
The mens’
conversation concluded, Daniel hopped up onto the seat. “Let’s go
Judging by the set
of his tightened jaw and the way he stared forward, silently, Sophie guessed
the conversation hadn’t improved their situation. He either had a problem with
Angus, or her — or both.
“What do you
mean ‘what happened?’ I paid him. He said you owed him money. It said on his papers
there and since I was the man pickin’ you up at the station, that meant it was
my job to pay him. It’s taken care of.”
He slapped the
reins on the horses and they started on their journey to Grantville, which
according to Angus was only ten miles from Topeka.
“You paid him? You weren’t supposed to pay
him, you were supposed to fight him! Angus is a horse’s ass. You did the wrong
thing!” Sophie knew she was screeching, but she couldn’t believe what he’d
“What did you
just say? Did you just call that man a ‘horse’s ass?’” He apparently had
never heard of the term horse’s ass — or he’d never heard a woman say it. Either
way he looked shocked that she’d said it.
“Well, yes. I’m
sorry. I probably shouldn’t have said that. It wasn’t polite or mannerly. But
I’m used to speaking my mind, and he made me mad!”
“I’m betting
he did make you mad. But sure as shootin’ your gonna find out that I don’t
tolerate it, girl. You can speak your mind, but you better be sure to have a
fast horse when you do. And since the only horse here is the one I’m
controlin’, it appears that you’re in a heap of trouble.”
“Well, you
can drop me back off at the station. I’ll find a way back to Topeka if you
don’t want me anymore.” She played with her skirt, pleating the material.
She worried that she’d ruined any chance with Daniel and might have to go home
and start over.
“Oh, no. I’m
keeping you. I like a lil’ fire and you appear to have a whole lot of it! I’ll
enjoy taming you and keeping that fire under control. When we get home, you’ll
see how I manage that.”
I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon and will keep you up-to-date on a release date!  

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