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Well The Widow Wagon has been uploaded everywhere and now……we wait!  Hopefully it’ll be up on Amazon and in your hands by afternoon!
Here is the blurb for the Widow Wagon

found him with an Indian arrow in his back. What was a woman supposed to do
with one dead husband, one untended farm, and zero options? Strength, sass, and
a never-give-up attitude had served Sophie well, but after the death of her
strict, but loving, Clive, she’d need a lot more than those qualities to

might be one way though, one last desperate option… and they called it the
Widow Wagon.  Widows and their children
could purchase safe passage in a covered wagon to the Oregon Territory — where they would all meet up with the
strong, determined men looking for mail order brides. The Widow Wagon might be
one man’s
last, best hope.
Daniel Weston, losing his beloved wife had broken more than his heart, it had
broken his confidence that he could conquer the west. From the first moment he
set eyes on Sophie he knew he wanted her, to make her his in every way. Her
dramatic curves, bewitching eyes and fiery temper drew him, called to him,
fired his possessive lust. But would that attraction be enough? He could
already tell there was going to be a reckoning —  and that reckoning would be the heated
meeting of his work-roughened palm with her soft, bare bottom.
she was beautiful, intelligent, and with a little more attitude than would be
good for the health of her backside, but Daniel thought he had what it took to
break the spirited filly. What’s more, could Daniel dare hope for a
second chance? How she reacted that first time he bent her over his lap — or
strung her up in his barn — might be the key to whether or not this marriage of
convenience in the American west might bloom into something so much more. Would
this young, headstrong, mail-order bride allow herself to be molded, tempered,
and disciplined into the woman — and wife — this demanding, dominant frontier
man desired?
Intended for mature readers. 18 and over
This is
a MF BDSM Western erotic romance. Themes include: graphic sexuality,
exhibitionism, spanking, bondage, anal play and other BDSM activities. If such
content might offend you, please do not purchase this book.
count: 37,078 words

Here is another excerpt which is a continuation of yesterdays blog post. Sophie
had been remembering Daisy’s snit at the station before boarding the
Widow Wagon.  Daisy isn’t done causing trouble.  

After watching Daisy’s
snit, she found herself glad to be getting off in a week in Topeka, Kansas,
rather than taking the trail all the way west.
Sam had stood at the front of the wagon to
get the attention of the women. “Okay, everyone on board. It’s time to go.
When we leave the city and are on the trail, y’all will have to get out and
walk. The horses struggle enough to pull the weight of your trunks. We’ll walk
as much as we can. The little girls can ride in the wagon though. We try to
walk seven to ten miles a day. Our first stop will be Topeka, Kansas, which
will be about a week from tomorrow.
Sophie’s heart jumped, excitement and nervousness
warring within her. She’d be meeting Daniel in Topeka. Her new life would
Angus climbed up onto the buckboard,
grabbing the reins to begin their journey as soon as the women climbed aboard.
Sam, his assistant, helped the women aboard, then hopped up on his horse, his
piercing whistle to Angus signaling their departure.
They’d been on the wagon for only a short time
when it happened.
is that?” Minnie said, pointing at a leather bag next to a large bag of flour
stacked on the floor of the wagon. It was the same bag that Angus and Daisy had
argued about.
Daisy’s eyebrows furrowed. “It’s my bag. That
oaf of a driver isn’t going to tell me what I can and cannot bring on my journey.
This has some important things in it, and I refuse to leave it behind.”
telling Angus or Sam.” Minnie screeched loudly. “You’re putting extra weight in
the vehicle. It ain’t right.”
you dare, you little idiot. This is none of your business. I refuse to be
treated like a servant in this wagon. I may have lost my husband and am being
forced into becoming a mail-order bride, but I’ll not cave to some uncivilized…
wagon driver.”
Glaring at Minnie, Daisy pushed her bag
behind some of the cooking materials.
Margie, a sort of matriarch among the
group, looked over at the two women and then said to Daisy. “This
is foolishness. You need to tell that man what you did. And you need to do it
now. If you don’t, I’m gonna. This trip is long enough without listening to the
caterwauling of a bunch of brats.”
Minnie scowled at Margie. “Why
don’t you just mind your business then, and leave us alone. No one asked you to
give your opinion, old woman.”
That apparently had been the last straw for
Margie. Sophie couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen someone move that fast, and
she barely moved out of the way in time as the enraged Margie charged to the
other side of the wagon. Margie pulled Daisy up by her ear, tossed the slight
young woman over her lap then started to spank her bottom. Cursing at the
skirts interfering with her aim, Margie took hold of them, tossing the heavy
fabric up onto the struggling Daisy’s back. Then Margie proceeded to spank her
bottom through the white pantaloons embellished with pale blue ribbons.
never disrespect me again! I never tolerated it from my kids and I’m not takin’
it from you!” Margie paddled Daisy’s bottom hard and fast, the increasing
redness of her flesh clearly visible through the thin cotton of the pantaloons.
Stop. Okay! I won’t do it again! Promise!” Daisy reached back to protect her
bottom, but Margie had anticipated that move, snatching up the woman’s hand and
pinning it to the small of her back.
Obviously, this wasn’t
Margie’s first spanking rodeo.
The wagon shuddered to a halt at all the
commotion, and Sam hopped into the back. “What in tarnation is all this ruckus
about?” He pulled Daisy off Margie’s lap and shook her. “You sit down on that
spanked bottom, or I’ll take over where she left off.”
Before Sam could address Margie further,
Angus bellowed back from the front of the wagon. “Get your tails out here right now! I want
all of you standing in front of me!”
Sophie scrambled out of the wagon with the
other women following quickly behind. Almost instinctively, Sophie put her
hands on her backside, noting that Minnie and Clara stood the same way. Clara’s
girls cowered behind their mother’s skirts.
Daisy was the last to come out, crying and
rubbing her bottom through her skirts, limping dramatically over to where the
other women huddled.
in tarnation is goin’ on?”—Angus stabbed a finger at Daisy—“You will keep your
mouth shut. I’ll get to you in a minute.”
He looked at Margie. “Now,
you tell me why you felt a need to tan that girl’s backside and cause all this
Mr. Angus, that brat brought her bag onto the wagon. You know, the one that you
told her she couldn’t bring? And when I told her that she had to tell you, she
told me to mind my business and called me an old woman. No one, and I mean no one, calls me names. So, I spanked her sassy
you, Miss Margie. I appreciate it. You done the right thing. And just so you
know, I’d have tanned her backside too. Only I’d have dropped those drawers and
gave her a good one on the bare.”
He then turned and took a step toward
Daisy. Between the size of him and his countenance at that moment, Sophie and
the other women moved out of his way, taking a step in the opposite direction.
No one wanted to be close to those two wrangling.
you!” He put his hands on his hips, still holding his carriage whip in his
hand. “Is that true? Did you bring that damn bag I told you not to?”
Daisy stomped her shoe in the dirt, tilting
her chin up. “Well…
I needed that bag. I don’t like being told what to do — or what I can’t bring.
I decide what works for me, always.
No you don’t. Out here on this trail, you answer to me, lil’ girl. And I don’t
take ‘no’ as an answer.” He pointed toward the back of the wagon. “Get me that
bag. Now!”
not sure I can climb up there, my bottom hurts so bad.”
that so? I guess I could help by using this to prod you along like the cattle.”
He held up the carriage whip, which looked like a cane with a small whip on the
end of it. He waved it in air, the whip slicing through the air with a hissing

We’re ending there for now.  I’ll have more for you tomorrow and hopefully I will be posting this afternoon with buy links

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I’ll keep you all updated on the status of Amazon releasing the Widow Wagon!!

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