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Today I’m sharing a scene in my first book What Naughty Little Girls Get.  The girls have decided to color the wall with purple crayon and Molly is explaining to Daddy Brad why they did it.  It was such a fun scene to write.  I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to purchase the book click on the picture of the book on the left hand side of my blog.  
Almost an hour later, Brad looked up to see what time it was, it was past snack time.  They had been so quiet, he wondered if they’d fallen asleep. He quietly padded down the hall in his bare feet and was not prepared for the chaos of purple that greeted him upon entering Molly’s playroom.  Words escaped him and he wasn’t used to being speechless, speaking was what he did for a living.  This, however, took the words out of his mouth.
“What.  In.  The.  Name.  Of.  Hell.   Is this?”  He barely contained the growl.  He used that dangerous voice Daddies used when they were so angry they didn’t know what to do.  Molly jumped up and started running for the door, Brad grabbed her by the waist and said, “Uh-uh little girl, you are staying for the duration.  No running today.  Both of you, socks and shoes off.”
Meggie and Molly quickly removed their socks and shoes.  And then he pointed to the hall and said, “I want both of you to go to the bathroom before we have this discussion.  No talking.  Move!”
He wanted to swat their bottoms as they walked by, but they both kept their bottoms against the wall as they ran out of the room.  The toilet flushed twice and two very scared looking girls came back into the playroom, shuffling their bare feet. 
“Daddy, we only—“
“No.  You will not speak until I give you permission. Neither of you are to speak until given permission.”  He took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling.  How did this happen?  They’re grown women surely they knew this wasn’t appropriate.  What in the name of hell were they thinking?  He closed his eyes and counted from thirty backwards….nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.  
“Okay, I need some time to think and survey the damage.  I want each of you to pick a corner.  Lift your dresses up and instead of pulling your panties down, you will pull up on the leg openings until your panties are wedged into your bottom. You will feel the uncomfortableness of having something forced where it doesn’t belong.  It is wrong, uncomfortable, and doesn’t fit there.  Kinda like the pictures in this room.  These pictures don’t fit here; these pictures belong in your coloring books.  You will stand with your panties forced into your bottoms and think about what you did and why it is wrong.  Move, now.”
After fifteen minutes, he called to them, “Okay girls, front and center.  Keep your panties and dresses where they are.  I want you ready for a paddling at any moment.”
Meggie and Molly came over to him slowly, each holding her dress up.   
“Meggie, I am assuming after the paddling your Daddy gave you this morning that this was not your idea, am I correct?”
“No, I was afraid.”  She turned and looked at Molly saying, “Sorry Molly.”
“It’s okay.”    
Brad looked at Molly, glared was probably a better term and said, “Miss Molly, can you even put into words what possessed you or should I say what left your head that made this idea seem like it made sense?  Better yet, did you even think of the consequences of doing this?”
“Well, yes, as a matter of fact I did think this through.  Would you like to hear it or have you already decided you like your answer better?”  Molly said whipping way too much attitude. 
“Little girl, if you are looking for a really hard, bare-bottom spanking, continue using that attitude and sass me one more time.  I have a paint stirrer that would do a lovely job of painting your bottom.”  He paused and stared at her quietly.  Too quietly. 
“So you tell me—and tell me in a contrite and humble tone of voice or we go straight to paddling—what were you thinking in this room this morning.”
He saw when the depth of her actions sunk in and he nodded his head satisfied with what he saw in her eyes and demeanor.  “All right, tell me when you are ready.”
“Well, we were coloring and well you know I like purple, you know I really like purple crayons, so I was lining up purple crayons but you can’t line up purple crayons only cause there are tons of other colors too, so you have to line up the other colors too and they looked so pretty and I thought it was like a picture.   You know a pretty picture like the ones in my picture books and it made me think of Harold, you know Harold and the Purple Crayon and I love that book cause I love purple and I especially like purple crayons. And I asked Meggie if she knew Harold and the Purple Crayon and she did and I remembered that Harold drew pretty pictures with his purple crayon and he put those pictures on walls and everywhere.  And I thought Daddy likes when I draw pictures and he puts my pictures on the fridge and he says he likes my pictures with purple crayons because he knows I like purple and he knows how I really like purple crayons and if Daddy likes my pictures and my pictures with purple crayons then he would really like pictures I drew in the playroom with my purple crayon.  And I didn’t want Meggie to feel left out cause she got a spankin’  today and it was a really, really bad spankin’  that made her afraid and made me afraid and I thought if she colored with purple crayons and made purple pictures on the walls it would make her happy too.  But she was afraid you would be mad and you are mad, you are really, really, really mad and it makes me sad and I don’t like to be sad and I am afraid too cause you said something about spankin’ me with a paint stirrer and I haven’t had that before and I don’t want it.  And Daddy?  Don’t you like the purple pictures we made for you?”
“Wow,” Brad said in an amazed voice, “I am not sure I followed half of that.  Do you feel like you might faint?  Cause I feel like I might faint just listening to it.  Did you breathe at all during that diatribe?  I am not sure you did.  Seriously, do you need to sit down?”
Molly looked at him and then smiled and said, “Silly Daddy,” shaking her head. 
“Molly, I do like your pictures.  I love them because you drew them and I know you used your favorite color on them and it makes me smile.  But there are things that are appropriate and things that are not appropriate.  You know this, I know you know this.  You must be more exhausted than I thought because you were not using your brain at all when you did this.  I am sorry, sweetie, but you are not allowed to paint or color the walls without talking to me first and on a good day you know that.  I am sorry that today is not a good day for you and let me announce right now that it is about to get much worse for you.”
He paused and let that fact sink in.  He then turned and looked at Meggie, “As for you, Meggie, I know you didn’t want to do this and you only wanted to make your friend happy.  Am I correct?”
She nodded with tears running down her cheeks, which she wiped away with the back of her hand. 
 “I understand that peer pressure can be difficult but you will receive several swats for caving into something you knew was wrong.  I promise you though, Molly Dolly will get a much more severe spanking and you will get to watch it all.  In addition, I will talk to Daddy Michael and let him know that this was not your fault and that you are absolved from any further spankings today.  Okay sweetie?”
“Yes, thank you, Daddy Brad.”
“Okay, Miss Molly, I want you to go to the garage and on my tool bench are two stirrers—one is small, that is the paint stirrer and the other is larger, that is a concrete stirrer.  Grab the larger one please and keep that dress up.  And by the way, if those panties fall, you get five more swats, so I would walk with my thighs open if I were you.”
“But you said paint stirrer, Daddy,” Molly questioned. 
“I know what I said, but that is not what I meant.  I meant the concrete stirrer and the last time I checked, I am still the one who decides when, where, how, and with what your little bottom is spanked.  Did the chain of command change and I wasn’t notified?”
“No, Daddy, you are still in charge.”

            “Good to know.  Now go get the concrete stirrer please.”

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