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                I thought I would introduce myself and my new blog at the same time.  I have been a voracious reader since I was six.  I remember my neighbor, who was a very intelligent man, handed me an encyclopedia one day and told me to read (I am sure it was his way of getting me to shut up).  Hours later I asked if I could read them every day.  He obliged and I was hooked.
                At fifteen I read my first Kathleen E. Woodwiss book, Shanna, and thus began my love of spanking and romance.  I didn’t want to dog ear the pages in the book where the spankings occurred, what if my mother discovered my secret?  So I would write the page number on the inside cover—under disguise, of course—by writing it as a math problem i.e. 42 + 182 = 224.  Let me decode it for you.  The spanking scene is on page 182.   If there was a spanking in the book, a math problem was inside the front cover. I have been reading romance and/or spanking romance ever since.
As with most readers, there was a dry spell from reading spanking novels due to unavailability in the market.  But when I found Bethany Burke’s Woodshed, that door swung wide open again. I don’t even want to know how many books I have bought at Blushing Books or Amazon.  I have always said that I would love to be able to write, even if it was just once.
Enter, Natasha KnightThe first book I read that she wrote was Taught to Kneel and I became an avid fan.  But her book Aching to Submit is when we truly connected and talked the first time through Facebook. We discovered that we both ached to submit to our husbands.  A couple months ago I was having some back issues and contacted her again on chat to discuss yoga and my spine doctor.  At that point, we decided that he had to be a Dom and spent a great deal of time fantasizing about the “Spine Dom.” (I will put that story in the free section soon.)  Recently, I decided to write a snippet for her, a fun little dirty, sexy story. Ten hours later I had not eaten or done anything but write this story.  I realized quickly that age play is what I love to write and the book was finished in four days, but we will discuss this more another day.
This year my husband and I will have been married for twenty five years.  I told him thirteen years ago that I was interested in spanking and that I wanted a membership to Bethany Burke’s Woodshed.   I can still feel my heart racing and the anxiety and nervousness of sharing my deep, dark secret with my husband.  He smiled, hugged me, and said, “I can work with that.”  We talked and talked some more, and shared stories, websites and books but nothing happened until last year when I got my first spanking.
TTWD (This Thing We Do) is more like TTIRWTDAHISBHDBHLM (This Thing I Really Want To Do And He Isn’t Sure But He Does Because He Loves Me) and it is a weekly and daily walk that has brought us to higher heights and has made our love and devotion to each other that much stronger. He is now initiating and coming up with ideas on his own.   I may regret that it took us so long but I will never regret starting TTWD.

It is my wish to discuss books, DD, D/s, ideas and stories about spanking, and generally anything to do with spanking.  I am glad you came to see me In The Den and look forward to more “discussions” here with you.The following is a blurb from my WIP, I hope you all enjoy it!

“Tell me what I said.”
“You said that I get in trouble with Megan.  That you don’t want me to go places alone with her, unless I call first—I drink too much when I am with her and you want to pick me up.”
“So, you did remember.”  He sat tapping his fingers on the arm of the chair.  His expression was stern and he was looking right through her. “Defiance.  That is what we call it when you remember a rule and disregard it, right?”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“When you get spanked in this house, do you get to keep your panties on?”
“I didn’t think so.  Take them off, please.”

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