Think of Your Sore Bottom First #SatSpanks 11

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  My new book, What Naughty Little Girls Get was released on Thursday.  In today’s snippet, Meggie and Molly have been punished together, have taken their naps and together they have broken another rule.   


“You girls are pretty quiet, is everything okay?” Brad questioned.

 “Everything is fine Daddy; I am just tired and my bottom is sore.”  Molly stuck her lip out and pouted prettily for her Daddy.  

“I’m sorry your bottom is so sore, sweetie.  The rules are to keep you safe and happy.  Do you think the next time you want to break a rule, you will remember how your bottom feels right now and make a good choice?”

Molly hesitated.  She had already broken a rule and hadn’t even thought of her sore bottom first.  She quietly answered, looking at the table, “Yes, Daddy.

When Molly and Meggie are together, they always get into trouble—which means they always get spanked—and after they decide to meet for two-for-one margarita night at the local bar without notifying their husbands, Brad and Michael, they know they are in big trouble. Once the girls get home they are soundly spanked and sent to bed, but the next day Molly and Meggie are shocked to learn their husbands plan to punish them again—together this time—and this punishment will be much more embarrassing than just a spanking.
Although the women thrive on the love, care, and discipline their husbands give them, they still can’t seem to behave, which means Brad and Michael will have to keep on reminding them what naughty little girls get.
Publisher’s Note: What Naughty Little Girls Get is an erotic novella that contains spankings, age play, graphic sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Here is the link for What Naughty Little Girls Get  Amazon US

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