THEIR TREASURED GIRL – A Sci-Fi Reverse Harem with Five Men (Two Daddy Doms)

Their Treasured Girl 

is LIVE 

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The reviews are coming in and MANY are loving this new series.  I look forward to doing the next book, which focuses on one of the Daddy Doms–DADDY’S TREASURE.

Here’s a couple of the things that have been said before I share a SEXY snippet with you all.

“Yes, Merilee, you’re ours now. Our property to do with as we will. You’ll meet our desires and demands, you’ll submit to our wishes, and in return, we’ll care for you, protecting and loving you. We’ll cherish you, just as one would anything that is theirs. You’ll be our treasure.”

The story includes many spankings, but her different dominant men, including the use of implements. It includes power exchange, has mild bondage scenes, ménage scenes, medical play, and daddy dom/little girl scenes.”  RedRabbit, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

“If you like reverse harem, medical play, bondage, D/s, ménage, spanking, suspense, political intrigue, you name it, this book has it. The author does a great job of world-building and as always makes you feel emotionally connected to the characters and the storyline. The dichotomy of a totally male-dominated world where the women were possessions yet valued as individuals grabbed my imagination and made me look forward to seeing what the future holds for this world. In the meantime, I will immerse myself in the sensual goodness of this reverse harem relationship and enjoy the dominant deliciousness – YUM!!”  – Sue Tedrick 


Steele’s cock hardened the second their girl walked into the living room, Nash’s grey sweatshirt landed just past her knees.

Merilee looked adorable with her damp curls framing her face, her nose shiny with all of Nash’s cleaning, and those eyes.Those gorgeous purple eyes. Her lips were pouting, and her eyes were sparking, not with arousal…what was that? Anger? Merilee’s arms were crossed over her chest. Not a good sign.

Nash nudged her forward into the room and was only marginally successful.  

Her knees were locked and she resisted his attempt, stumbling only a couple inches forward before halting.   

“I heard a ruckus in the other room, what happened, bad girl?”  

She narrowed her gaze at Steele, her chest rapidly rising with her increased breathing.  

“Answer him, Merilee.”  Nash’s low voice rumbled in the room.

“No. Better yet, turn around and show us all your spanked ass.” Steele twirled his forefinger in a circle.

“No.” She pursed her lips her eyes darkening with anger.

Steele was usually someone who would reason his way through a conflict, choosing to encourage and reward good behavior, but there were times when responding to negative behavior was required.

This was one of those times.  

“Turn around now.”  He waited, watching this little sprite of a sassy submissive, engaging him in a battle of wits. She’d lose of course. Steele reached for his belt buckle.  

Her eyes widened, her long pale neck working to swallow and with a keening whine she spun on her heel, arms still angrily crossed over her chest.   

“Lift your sweatshirt, princess.”  Nash pushing her level of obedience.

Another low whine, and a stomp of her little foot on the floor she obeyed, angrily but obeying nonetheless.  She hefted the material had her ass jiggling pleasantly. Her very red ass, sporting some faint purple marks as well from the hairbrush Nash had used on her.   

Obsidian whistled low.  “That is a paddled little hind-end if I’ve ever seen one. By the Goddess Aztoz, you must have really pissed Nash off.  He rarely does this. Daddy, are you okay?”

“Fuck you, Obsidian. Yes, I’m fine. She has done nothing but push my buttons for the duration of this bath and getting dressed, trust me she deserved this. And more. Now, don’t you all make me feel guilty about it.”  

Tilting the bad girl’s chin up, Nash snarled, “And by her peckish behavior, she needs a bit more starch taken out of her rear-end.”  

The men laughed, and Steele cupped a hot, red cheek, squeezing it–hard.  “You’re sassy, naughty attitude will be a problem here, Merilee. Any further discipline required this evening will be dispensed by me. Mind your manners.”  With a pinch and harsh slap to the whole of her puny derriere, he dropped the sweatshirt back down.

“It’s time to make our offering to the God Varmjir for our girl. Do you think you can behave during our thanksgiving?”  He raised his eyebrows in her direction.

Her cheeks turned pink and she had the decency to drop her gaze and mumble, “Yes, Sir.”

  “See that you do.”

Steele walked briskly to the front door, opening it, letting the men and Merilee outside.

Morden and Wendrake flanked her on either side, giving Nash a break, obviously, he was in desperate need of one.  


That’s it for today– I’m hoping you all will grab your copy it’s only $3.99.  I may post another snippet while


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When a woman escapes through the Common Swallow Woods and ends up in the Receiver Woods–what else will a princess have to swallow to survive?  

Living a lonely and unhappy life on the Planet Venem, Merilee Black, a slender beauty with long blonde hair, decided desperate times called for desperate measures. She needed a new life and the Common Swallow Woods would be her only answer. This leap of faith, however, would change her life dramatically – she hoped, for the best.

Imagine his surprise, while hunting in the Receiver Woods, when Steele Dread stumbled across a gorgeous woman. The tall, broad-shouldered clan leader hadn’t expected the gods to answer his prayers for a woman so quickly. His clan of five would be very pleased with the prize he brought home this night.

Five men – each one tall, muscular, brutish and extremely stern – would claim the violet-eyed woman, teaching her their ways. TWO are DADDY DOMS!

Would Merilee submit completely to the Diviljak men on this male-dominated planet? Would they survive a traumatic event that could change their love forever?

Publisher’s Note: This dark, steamy, science-fiction reverse harem romance contains elements of power exchange.

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