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Artemis stomped down the path toward the house, frustrated with his day. The damn dragons just wouldn’t cooperate with their training today, and at all times, just before The Battle of the Bloodthirsty. He cringed inside. What a terrible name for a battle.

A dragon war was never a good thing, but this one would be particularly difficult, and he had no doubt by the time all was said and done — they’d be victorious — but the loss and injury of dragons and warlords would be astronomical. Artemis Shade as the largest warlord, with the fiercest dragon, Onyx, felt confidence that the others didn’t always feel.

Entering the castle, he continued down the long hallway leading to the grand staircase which wounds its way to the suite of rooms in the upper levels.

Their planet, Trexotera would win—they always won battles. But if the dragons didn’t start cooperating with their training, it would make the task that much more difficult.

Artemis hoped he would find his sassy girl, Thistle Tempest, obediently waiting for him—naked. At least that’s what he had ordered her to do when he left to train the dragons. Relief flooded him again, knowing that his girl wouldn’t be in harm’s way during this battle. His babygirl would be cocooned safely within of the stone walls of their estate.

But Thistle’s twin, Satin was another story. She had come to Trexotera not long ago, marrying the Prince and Commander, Drayce Quinn. Satin’s bravery and courageousness were equal to that of any male warlord but as a woman warlord, the slender, white-haired beauty was vulnerable, and all the dragon warlords had been given direct orders by Commander Drayce to keep her safe and protected, which the warlords did to the best of their abilities.

But they all knew that if Satin decided to venture out on her own, which she had done in the last battle, there would be nothing they could do to stop her. She was a force to be reckoned with, and Drayce as her husband and commander kept her under his thumb with a sore, red backside many days.

Artemis thanked the Gods of Alpheas that he’d captured the heart and soul of the milder and more timid Tempest identical twin. He pulled the leather strip from his hair, the black hair cascading over his shoulders.

Thistle likes it this way.

He inhaled deeply, smelling Thistle’s arousal before he even opened the door to their suite. The latch quietly snicked behind him, closing the door gently.

The vision before him made him gasp.

By the Gods, I’m a lucky man. How did the evil King Alistair Tempest birth such kind, loving, and gorgeous daughters?

Thistle’s face, shrouded by the silky white strands of her hair, and it was the slight shift in her spine that let him know she heard him enter. She kept her head down, her chest rising and falling with her quick breaths but she successfully kept her nose pressed into the seam of the corner. She knelt quietly on the white carpet inscribed with the words Bad Girl—Are you sorry yet?  Bent at the waist, her plump ass pushed out, and her dusky hole peeped from between her buttocks, and the sight had his penis stirring.

He pulled his cock free from the confines of his pants, stroking the length while sauntering toward her.

“Don’t move, girl.”

The pulse in her neck increased, her heart racing.


The puffy peach lips of her sex glistened with the dew of her arousal, and with his fingers he deftly eased the tight seam apart, plunging them into her sex, skating along the drenched sensitive inner tissue.

Thistle swayed her hips ever so slightly, her hot cunt clenching his digits tightly, spasming rhythmically in her march toward her orgasm.

“Don’t you dare come, girl.”

With a keening whine, she responded, “Yessss, Daddy.”

“Is that petulance I hear in your tone?”  Slapping her hip harshly, he smiled watching the red bloom rise on the pristine white ass cheeks.

“N-no, Sir.”

“I should hope not, Daddy expects better behavior from his girl.” With the back of his hand, he swiped her hair from her face, swirling it over her other shoulder.

The bright blue, sapphire eyes peeped over her shoulder to stare at him, and when she noticed his smile, her face lit up smiling back at him before resting her head once again obediently on the floor. Her pink cheeks and dripping pussy betrayed her calm exterior letting him know that she was indeed aroused and ready for his cock.

Artemis pumped his fingers into her slick channel, all the while still stroking his penis with the other hand, priming his girl so when it was time, he could fuck her fast and hard, bringing them both to completion. There’d be time for soft and slow lovemaking – later. Right now? He wanted fast and hard, and he didn’t think she’d balk at his decision since she was dripping onto her bad girl rug.

Slapping her backside, he watched her bottom turn from light pink to dark pink. Jerking his fingers from the pouch of her sex, he thrust into her, bouncing off her cervix, her grunt, and moan of satisfaction spurring him on.

The pulse in his tail increased, and it brushed against his ankle, sliding around his hip seeking her slick, moist channel.

The tail was treasured by the warlords as a physical representation of the gifting rewarded to them by the dragons. The status of warlord transferred from the dragons, and usually, the tail matched the color of the beast who gave them their gifting. The length varied the same as penises but overall was long enough that it draped to their calf or ankle. Whether the tail was in the vagina or anus, once the culmination of lovemaking had ceased, the prongs hidden at the triangular end would spring forth, locking the tail into the channel to promote impregnation and enhancing the length and strength of the orgasm.

He thrust his penis into her sex, his fingers digging into the muscles on her hips while his black tail slithered into her dark channel. The girth of his tail scraping along her small puckered hole, causing him to gasp with every push into her anus.

The smacking of their flesh and the spicy scent of her cunt filled the air, and in short order, Artemis was on the brink of his ejaculation.

“Come for me, Thistle!”

“Yes, Sir!”  The walls of her sex strangled him, holding his cock tightly within its clutch and with a raspy shout, Thistle came, her body stiffening, her muscles overpowering him and squeezing his tail in unison.

With a constricted growl, he thrust his cock into her, his seed filling her with every pound until he was completely spent. Momentarily he rested against her back, their sweaty bodies panting and gasping for more air, spasming with the aftershocks. The prongs in his tail locked into her sensitive, dark channel and wouldn’t release until their arousal abated. He swiveled his hips, brushing his cock against her still sensitive sex.

He placed soft kisses on the back of her neck, the small wispy hairs there tickling his nose. Wrapping his arms around her, he scooped her plump breasts into each hand, palming the hardened nipples, slapping his hips against her beautiful ass.

The prongs retracted, and they both sighed with the loss.

Easing up from Thistle, Artemis exited from both her sex and anus, scooping her sated and satisfied body from the corner. Crossing the room, he placed her gently on their bed before crawling in behind her, tucking his soft, warm girl safely against his chest, cupping and squeezing her breast in his hand, his thumb brushing softly against the still hardened nipple.

“I love you, babygirl.”   Brushing light kisses on her slender neck, her natural sweet scent filled his nostrils, Artemis thanked the Gods of Alpheas for his beautiful girl. Her pale skin matched the long white hair and accentuated her cerulean blue eyes. He lightly kissed her freckled nose.

“I love you too, Daddy.”

He wasn’t sure when or how it happened, but they had fallen into her calling him Daddy, and he loved it more than any name or nickname he’d ever had before. He couldn’t imagine her calling him anything else.

“Baby, how about we get married tomorrow?”

“What?”  She swiveled in his arms, her eyebrows furrowed.

“Let’s get married tomorrow. I’ll call the Ministry of Religious Affairs and inform Drayce, and we can become officially a married couple.”   His heart raced, a twinge of fear that she may refuse.

She shuttered her cerulean eyes a few times, staring silently with no indication on her face as to what her response would be, adding to his unease.

Then with a bright, mischievous smile, she giggled. “Yes! I’ll gladly marry you.”   She kissed him lightly and then said, “I had you going didn’t I?”

“Is that what you wanted?  You wanted to upset Daddy?”

“Well, no. Not really. But…yes.”   She broke into uncontrollable giggles.

“I should make you go kneel on your bad girl rug.”   He pulled her close to him, her face into his chest, swatting her ass several times—hard.

“Ow!  Oh, Daddy.”

“Don’t you oh, Daddy me, young lady. It’s not nice to tease your Daddy, especially when he was asking to spend the rest of his life with you!”  Artemis stopped slapping her bottom, kissing her face. “Go to sleep, naughty girl. Tomorrow you’ll be my wife.”

She snuggled into his neck, and he stroked her back softly.

She said yes.

This petite beauty would become his wife tomorrow. His to have and hold for the rest of his life. She would be his babygirl, and he would be her Daddy. He vowed that he’d be the best husband he could be to her. The Gods had brought them together, and he wouldn’t risk upsetting them or the Goddess Gem for their favor.


Chapter Two


Thistle sipped the last of her morning cup of fire blaze, the jolt of energy from the brown liquid raced through her veins, and with a deep breath, she set the cup on the counter, ready to start her day. The sun streamed through the window, beckoning her to walk in the cool morning air. Leaning over the sink, she peered out the window, tilting her head to look to the left toward the barn that housed the dragons, the deep, growly male voices of the handlers floated on the breeze.

Thistle hesitated in going to the barn, especially without Artemis. He was so overprotective. She had been to the barn a dozen times easily and the beasts were familiar with her presence—but Artemis had always been with her. After all, the handlers and workers would be present; she wouldn’t be alone.

Artemis wouldn’t be upset with me, would he?

She shook her head.

No, of course not. I won’t be going into the enclosure alone; I’ll be protected by experienced staff.

Besides, her sister rode and commanded them as well as any of the warlords and commanders, and who was to say that—as Satin’s twin—Thistle wouldn’t have command over them also.  And even if the dragons hadn’t given her a scaly dragon patch on her arm, as a commander. Or a long tail indicating that she would be a warlord, maybe she had some other…gifting or talent.

And, well, Thistle wouldn’t ever find out if she didn’t hang around the animals, right?

Sensing her presence, the backdoor of the kitchen slid open. The sun immediately greeted her, warm on her face, even though the morning air was a bit cool. Taking a deep breath, it smelled clean and crisp.

A loud mewl startled her. Thistle looked down finding a sweet tri-colored wobble curling around her leg, rubbing her skin, mewling even louder, forcing a reaction.

“Hey girl, how are you today?  Has anyone fed you yet?”  She pet the fluffy animal with beautiful yellow, gray and white markings, the long tail was straight up, and she purred loudly. “I’ll feed you when I get done seeing the dragons.”

Thistle bounced happily down the steps of the back porch, her shoes dampening with the morning dew.

In the distance, sipping a cup of his fire blaze, Zayvoc eyed her suspiciously, his brows furrowing.

“Morning, Miss Thistle. You know Artemis doesn’t want you in the barn alone, right?”  He pushed his shoulder off the barn door, his muscled, lean body lazily making its way toward her, his eyes narrowed.

Her heart leaped within her chest, and she almost ran back to the safety of the house, but then with renewed determination, she raised her chin, narrowing her gaze right back at him.

“I won’t be alone. You’ll be here, as well as the other handlers. Correct?”

She brushed past him deciding that she’d assume approval and act accordingly, but Zayvoc spun around by her elbow. Looking down his large, calloused work hand had a firm grip on her arm, and instantly she wondered if that hard, thick hand had ever spanked a woman’s soft bottom. A shiver ran through her body, and she yanked herself free from his grasp.

“You better shiver, girl. Artemis will paddle your backside so hard we’ll all be hearing it before the day is over. You better get yourself back to the house and do whatever chores he’s assigned you for the day before I send him a message.”   That large hand of his pressed into the small of her back, nudging her forward toward the house as one would do to an errant child.

Digging in her heels, she pivoted, her teeth gritting, and then with a grunt she stomped her foot and fisted her hands on her hips, hissing, “I will not go back to the house. I’m seeing the dragons, like everyone else on this fucking estate does. If you wish to help, then follow me. If not, get out of my way.”

Once again she brushed past him, her heart beating so hard in her chest the blood rushed through her ears. Just who the hell did Zayvoc think he was?  She was going to marry today, becoming Mrs. Artemis Shade. Zayvoc was just the hired help, she outranked him…not that Artemis would probably see it that way, but she didn’t have time to worry about Artemis.

She needed to see the dragons.

Rushing past Zayvoc and barging into the barn probably wasn’t her best idea, she barely passed the barn doors when the three dragons in the enclosure lifted their heads, snorting loudly and stomping their feet.  Startling a domestic wobble or lazap meant they jumped, but beasts this big meant the hard barn floor shook and a real danger of being killed became quickly apparent when they jumped in surprise.

“Damn stubborn girl!”  Zayvoc whispered loudly in her ear. “Get behind me. Now.”

She didn’t hesitate to listen to him this time; she didn’t need them stampeding toward her.

“Easy, easy. Azure, settle girl.”   He walked toward the dragons slowly, his knees bent and his hands extended in front of him, soothing them with nonsensical murmurings. Reaching out, Zayvoc stroked Onyx and Scarlett. “See?  Nothing to worry about, nothing at all.”

Still wringing her hands, Thistle let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “I-I’m sorry.”

Keeping his voice measured, and not taking his eyes off the animals he answered her. “I’m sure you are, but running in here like that…was a damned fool thing to do, you could have caused injury to not only yourself but the workers also.”

Scarlett, the red dragon that belonged to Drayce, stretched her neck out, her head inching toward Thistle until her humid breath brushed upon her face in long heated puffs. The wisps of fine hair near her ears moved with the dragon’s pants.

“Do. Not. Move.”   Zayvoc slowly pulled the dragon whip from his belt, not moving it threateningly, just wanting Scarlett to see it from the corner of her eyes, knowing the penalty for misbehaving.

The beast turned her head ever so slightly glancing at the implement, and with a loud snort, she turned back to her specimen – Thistle. Scarlett’s nostrils flared, the area moist with her mucous, and all Thistle could think was:  By the Gods of Alpheas, please don’t let her stick her wet nose on me…or sneeze! 

Instead, the animal nuzzled her nose into Thistle’s white hair, sniffing, and exhaling and inhaling deeply, the dragon’s breath sweeping along her neck.

Retreating away from Thistle, Scarlett’s neck shrunk back, and the beast stared lazily at the woman before her. She apparently approved or Thistle would have been incinerated by now, and the red dragon looked at her barn mates, one would assume giving her approval of the newest woman at the Quinn estate.

“See. Scarlett told the other dragons I’m okay. Everything is fine.”   Smiling smugly at Zayvoc, she slowly walked up to Onyx, tentatively reaching out to stroke his nose.

“Yes, it appears you’re accepted, but I wouldn’t rush to decide that all is fine as you put it.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’ll see soon enough, until then I’ll stay here watching them…and you.”

Furrowing her eyebrows, she glared at the trainer.


Shaking her head, she returned her focus to the dragons. Such beautiful animals and Thistle couldn’t help but wonder if they could sense a gift or talent, something that would make her stand apart from the others on this planet.

The dragons sensed each person’s innate ability—her twin, Satin, had found out quickly that she was both a Commander and Warlord for the Planet Trexotera, as evidenced by the blue tail and the scaly patch of dragon skin on her shoulder. It was the blue dragon, Azure, that had bonded with Satin and transferred the blue tail to her.

Thistle pet Azure whispering to him, “Do you know who I am, boy?  Do you sense my gifting?”  Resting her forehead against the cold, clammy skin of the dragon, she said a silent prayer to the Goddess Gem that she wouldn’t be forgotten when the dragons revealed the secret gifts to family members.

One wouldn’t think as a twin, that she’d feel alone or singled out, but many times Thistle wondered if being an actual twin made the loneliness more pronounced. People saw them as a matching set, not individually. They even referred to them as the twins. Expectations were that they shared the same personality, strengths, and weaknesses, which they obviously didn’t.

Sighing loudly, she ambled over to Onyx, her future husband’s dragon. Like his Warlord, this beast was huge and formidable.

“Easy, girl.”   Snapping her head around, Thistle saw that Zayvoc was addressing her.

She spat back at the trainer, “I know this dragon, I’ve ridden him several times.”

“Don’t get sassy, Thistle. That was with Artemis as the rider. You’ve never approached him on your own. Onyx is extremely dominant and territorial. Common sense dictates that you be cautious.”

“I’m well aware.”   Lifting her chin, she directed her attention back to the gorgeous animal before her. His eyes were black like his skin, but she knew from experience that during battle, the irises would turn fire orange.

Her small pale hand stroked between Onyx’s eyes, and the beast shuttered them, purring softly. The ground shook with the low rumble in his belly. “Do you sense anything about me, boy?  Are you able to see what my future holds?”

“He might not be able to, but I can.”


Thistle spun in place, her hand resting on her chest, hoping to still the beating of her heart, now in her throat.  “Artemis.”

“Yes, my dear. Imagine my surprise when I received a message that my errant little girl was in the barn…alone.”

“B-but, I wasn’t alone. Zayvoc is here.”   She narrowed her eyes at the traitor, hoping to coax him to her side—unsuccessfully, no doubt.

“You’re excused from this uncomfortable situation, Zayvoc. Thank you for alerting me and protecting my brat until I could arrive, I appreciate it.”

“Yes, sir. Ma’am.”   The trainer nodded to both of them before exiting the barn and walking briskly toward the paddock where the rest of the dragons were put through their paces.

Sauntering up to her, Artemis stood so close their bodies were touching; his large hand pet his trusted dragon, and without even glancing in Thistle’s direction he asked her, “What are the rules Daddy gave you about visiting the dragons, young lady?”

Swallowing past the lump in her throat, her mind raced to remember the rules she had recited many times. “Uhm…I’m … ‘Never go to the barn unescorted. ’ And…b-but I didn’t go alone.”

Turning to face her, he placed his thick, calloused finger under her chin tilted her head up. “Oh, you’ve forgotten part of the rule. Think hard; it’ll come back to you. And that’s five with the belt for evading what you already know.”

Five with the belt!

Stomping her foot into the dusty barn floor, puffs of dirt and sand kicking up. “Daddy!”

“Don’t you Daddy me. What is the rest of the rule?  You just added another two lashes for that outburst.”

If she didn’t hurry up and state the truth, she’d be getting two full spankings—and on her wedding day at that. “I’m supposed to go to the barn with Daddy.”

Nodding, he let go of her chin, pushing his long black hair over his shoulders before letting those meaty hands rest on his hips.

Her eyes focused on the wide black belt with a gold buckle at his waist. She’d only been swatted with the belt a couple of times for not holding still for a hand spanking, and it had been more than she could handle.

How am I going to deal with seven strokes? 

“So tell me why you came alone. Today of all days.”   He didn’t look angry; his eyes were focused and with a tilt of his head, his curiosity and love seemed to overshadow any disappointment or frustration he may have felt. Maybe she wouldn’t have to worry about punishment.

“Well, I wanted to see them. Besides, everyone knows what their special ability is—except me. I wanted to see if the dragons would sense something, I mean, they can’t know if they never see me.”

“True. Very true. But do you know what statement is more accurate?”  He raised his dark eyebrows in question.

Shaking her head, she waited for his revelation.

“Disobeying Daddy, especially a rule you know by heart. It means that my girl will be sitting on a red, painfully striped backside for a long time.”   His hands went to his belt, pulling the tail through the buckle, slipping the tooth from the hole and then with a tug he pulled the strip of leather through the loops, the strap slapping loudly.

“Daddy!”  She shook her head no, and backed up to the gate of an empty stall. “No, please.”

He doubled it, palming the buckle in his fist, and with his other hand he gently grasped her upper arm. “Daddy says Yes. We’ll do this behind the barn. It’ll upset the dragons if we stay inside, and you’ll be hidden from the workers as well this way.”

She stumbled to keep up with him, her belly flipping with her nerves while her clit spasmed, throbbing incessantly.

“B-but they’ll hear!”

“Yes, they will, but they also saw your blatant disobedience and disrespect, you had no qualms about that though, did you?”

Well, that was a sobering thought. She hadn’t contemplated to how embarrassing it was to him for her to flaunt a disregard for his rules and her safety. “No, Daddy, I didn’t. I’m sorry!”

“Not as sorry as you will be, babygirl.”

Dragging her behind the structure, he walked toward the fence, pressing her hips up against the wood rail, successfully, bending her in half. He quickly yanked her pants and panties to her ankles, exposing her sex and anus to his view.

Thistle grabbed the bottom rail to steady herself. Kicking her feet a bit, she sought purchase on the ground, finding nothing to brace her feet onto.

“You should have thought of the workers hearing before you disobeyed in front of them, now they get to hear the consequences of your misbehavior as well.”

“Daddy, I’m sorry.”    She looked over her shoulder seeking mercy, but the dark black eyes showed no signs of relenting.

“Hold still. You asked for this. It’s only seven licks, and if you behave, we’ll be done in short order.”

She held her breath, bracing for the line of fire but Artemis had paused so long she exhaled, hoping against all hope that he changed his mind. It was then that the strip of leather cracked against her bare bottom, causing her to gasp loudly and screech with the sting burning throughout her flesh.

“I won’t make you count today; I think you’ll have a hard enough time just holding still. Why is Daddy whipping your little ass, Thistle?”  He tapped the belt against her throbbing skin.

“B-because I came to the barn alone.”   She coughed at the end, dissolving into tears again.

“To see dragons that can be dangerous. You won’t do it again, either. Will you?”

“No, Daddy.”

She had barely gotten the words out before the belt crashed into her bottom, three times in quick succession.

“You were a very naughty girl.”

Unable to contain her reaction, she leaped from the wooden railing, standing before her Daddy dancing from foot to foot, cupping her buttocks in each hand. “Oh by the Gods! Daddy!”

“What do you think you’re doing?”  He snatched her arm walking her back to the rail. “Get back into position. That’s one more. You’ll learn to behave, girl. Daddy isn’t going to tolerate your bratty behavior.”

On wobbly knees she sobbed, placing herself back over the fence. “D-daddy, it hurt. I couldn’t help it. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m sure you are, sweetie. We have five more licks before we’re done. These two are for trying to weasel out of your spanking once you were caught.”

The belt smacked twice in the area between her buttocks and her thighs, and it took everything she had not to leap up again. But the thought of adding more strokes kept her in place.

Artemis patted her sore bottom. “See, it is possible to hold still when you want to please me more than reacting to the sting. Good girl.”   He rubbed the inflamed flesh.” Do you think you’ll remember to own up to your misbehavior next time?”

“There won’t be a next time. I won’t have this happen again.”

Artemis chuckled. “I wish I could believe that, girl. But somehow, even during this short time we’ve been together, I don’t see you ever going for very long without a good paddling.”

Gritting her teeth, she looked over her shoulder at her future husband. Part of her worried about glaring at him, and the other part of her was pissed that he had such little faith in her.

“Uh-uh, girl. I’d be careful how much attitude you display. I’m a firm believer in not stopping discipline until the mood of the submissive has been altered.”   Clearing his throat, he narrowed his gaze and shook the belt in his fist as a warning. “Four more and we’ll be done.”

He tapped the strap against her abraded bottom and then with a whoosh the leather smacked against her cheeks. She clenched her whole body, sobbing and screeching with each new lash. And to think she had sworn that she’d remain silent, not letting Zayvoc or the other trainers and warlords hear her cries during a whipping, but the pain was more than she could suppress and at this point, she didn’t care what anyone thought but Artemis.

The buckle clinked, signaling that the punishment was over and he threaded the evil weapon back around his waist—where it belonged.

She knew she should be repentant and remorseful, which she was, but part of her was angry too. After all, her sister went to the barn as well as Satin’s mother-in-law and Drayce’ sisters. It seemed that Thistle was the only one who wasn’t allowed in that blasted barn alone. Would she ever be allowed?  Did he think she was too…fragile…or stupid to know how to handle herself with the dragons?

“You may get up, Thistle.”

She pushed herself off the fence, turning to face the man she loved…and was angry with at the same time.

“I’d wipe that face off fast, young lady, before I decide to start again except this time with a switch.”   He quirked one eyebrow up and dipped his chin in warning.

Thistle looked around, noticing a couple of bushes and a large flowering tree nearby.

“Yep, those are the ones I’m looking at too. Are we done yet?”

“Daddy!”  She crossed her arms over her chest, pouting at him.

“The answer is no, I guess.”   He brushed by her stalking toward the flowering tree.

“Nooooo!”  Thistle shuffled quickly to grab his arm. “I don’t want anymore.”

“Your attitude says you do, little girl. Talk to me—fast. What is the problem here?”  Artemis wrapped his arm around her waist, cupping one of her well-spanked bottom cheeks in his hand, and she had no doubt it was supposed to be a clear admonishment.

“How come I’m the only one who can’t come to the barn alone?  And if I’m going to learn what a dragon’s secret is about me, don’t I have to be in the fucking barn to hear it?”  Her eyebrows knit in frustration, her back teeth grinding.

Slapping her ass cheek—hard, Artemis narrowed his gaze. “I don’t want you talking to me in that tone.”   He shook his head looking at the ground. “I swear by the Gods that I don’t want to blister your little ass today, but if you continue, we’re going to tussle, my dear.”

She could barely whisper the words to him; fear had gripped her chest tightly. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“You’re on thin ice, girl. The reason you’re the only one not allowed in the barn alone is that you’re so new to the planet and the dragons. Ask your sister about her ass whipping from Drayce for coming to the barn alone.”


“Yes. Really. For your second point, yes, you do need to be in the barn for them to reveal your ability. But all in due time, my dear. It hasn’t been that long. I promise you won’t be left out. I’ll bring you here often until the dragons and handlers are all familiar with you. Promise.”   He tilted her chin up, kissing her lips softly. “I worry about my babygirl. You need to be careful—there’s only one you, and I can’t survive without you. Are we done with your punishment finally so we can marry today?”

She giggled and tucked herself into his chest, his huge tree trunk arms enveloping her in his love and protection. “Yes, Sir. I’m done, and I can hardly wait to marry you.”

“Let me pull your pants up, so we don’t keep everyone waiting.”

“N-no, I’ll do it.”   Thistle hated when he pulled her pants up; it made her feel silly and well…like a freshly spanked girl.

“That’s my job, baby. Hands off the pants.”   His voice had a stern edge to it, his deep rumbling voice running through her core, the butterflies in her belly reawakening.

She quickly dropped the pants back to her ankles, her cheeks and neck burning with her blush. She whispered, “Sorry.”

“I know, sweets. I like dressing you and feeling that warm, bare bottom under my fingers as I pull your little panties back up. It’s one of the many reasons I enjoy being your Daddy, don’t steal it away from me.”

“Okay.”   Thistle groaned as her silky pink panties brushed against her still sore bottom, refraining from eliciting a gasp. But when he pulled up her leggings, the material scraping along the irritated skin had her hissing from the pain.

“Maybe that well-paddled bottom will keep you from misbehaving again today.”

“Maybe.”   She smiled up at him, tucking herself into his huge chest as they walked toward the castle. “Can we visit the dragons again tomorrow, Daddy?”

“Yes, as long as you behave. It seems that I may have found your reward system, young lady.”


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