The Vibrating Saddle — #WIP It Up Wednesday #BDSM 9

Hello fellow WIP It Up Wednesday friends.   We have a snippet from Preston and Avery–coming out soon!   Avery has been told she is not supposed to enter a secret building on the property.  This is a very small snippet of what happens in that building.  
 The wall in front of the bed had what appeared to be a china cabinet—it was lit from the inside.  However, upon closer inspection the cabinet was chock full of implements.  There were paddles, hairbrushes, canes and floggers.  She pulled on the brass handles opening it—the smell of cherry wood filled her nostrils as well as leather.  She fingered the flogger—suede.  It was soft and comforting.  She pulled it down wondering how it would feel on her back—she hit her leg with it.  The thud wasn’t really painful.  Interesting. She then pulled out what looked like a hairbrush, but it had no bristles.   It was heavy and the wood looked to be maple.   She smacked it against her hand and then reached around swatting her bottom with it.   She let out a deep breath and decided that needed to go back to where it belonged. That would be brutal.  She fingered the canes and paddles.  There were small, medium and very large paddles hanging on hooks.   She closed the cupboard and went to the display on the wall.   There were canes and paddles again. Looks like Mr. Preston likes canes and paddles.  One of the paddles was as big as her bottom, she was pretty sure of it.  She pulled it down and put it across her bottom—measuring if it covered completely by feeling the edges.  Her bottom was completely covered. 
 Wow.   Maybe she should hide this.  Preston needs to “lose” this one.    
She looked around the room and decided that she would shove it under the “spanky cupboard”, sliding it under the bottom she looked around the room like she would be caught at any minute.  

A saddle.   There was a saddle set on what looked like a saddle rack.   She remembered that from her horseback riding lessons.  Why would there be a saddle in this playroom.   She couldn’t resist—it had been years since she sat in a saddle. 

Ooooooh, what’s this?  An umbrella holder with canes and riding crops in it.  Nice! 

  She pulled out the riding crop and slapped it against her leg.  Nice.  Nice little sting to it.   She climbed onto the saddle bouncing around in it getting a feel for the leather and the sturdiness of the saddle rack.   Then Avery saw a button on the side of the saddle horn, flipping it she was shocked when it made a whirring vibrating sound.  

What the—?  

She moved her hand around until she found where the vibration was coming from—it was the saddle horn.  She leaned forward, scooching her bottom forward until she rested against the saddle horn. 

Well, this doesn’t work very well with all these clothes on.  

           She jumped off the saddle and quickly divested herself of her pants and panties.  Again, she looked around the room having the distinct feeling that she was being watched.  She rubbed her bare bottom with both of her hands again feeling the dull ache of her spanking last night.  She climbed onto the saddle being careful as she pressed her bottom onto the cold leather.  Grabbing the saddle horn, she pulled herself forward pressing her pussy right up against the vibrating saddle horn.

Such a tease!!  I know.   Here is a list of the other participating authors, make sure you visit them all! 


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