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Welcome Six of the Best Sunday fans, today I have an excerpt from an upcoming book I have coming out for Pre-Order within the next couple weeks and the book releasing before the end of the month!  I’ll firm up the dates as I get closer.   I may even have a cover reveal next week!

Caroline is a CEO for an advertising agency in New York City, she has been ridiculed by a competitor at a meeting during the day; and she is drowning her sorrows in pasta, ice cream, and a sexy spanking video.

Putting her dishes in the sink, she then made herself a large bowl of ice cream—birthday cake ice cream with syrup and sprinkles.  Pulling her laptop onto her, she searched for her favorite spanking video site.  She expertly maneuvered through the pages to her favorite videos by a Russian guy who has a penchant for the whip.

The woman in the video had been stripped down to just a black corset and matching black panties, wrists bound to a hook in the ceiling, and blindfolded.  Her knees were bound and she swiveled her hips in clear anticipation and arousal.  The tall Russian, who was headless as most of the people on the videos, roughly jerked the woman’s panties down to her knees.  She had an ample and fleshy bottom, making Caroline feel better about her ass by the minute.
The crack of the whip found an initial slow and steady rhythm that matched the sway of her hips. Light pink stripes quickly covered her ass. They didn’t look bad and the woman definitely enjoyed it.
Crack.  Crack.  Crack.  The quivering in the woman’s body was visible, her movements increasing in pace, her keening heard above the whip.  Her ass pushed outward slowly moving in circles.  Her thighs tightening, tightly squeezing together, stiffening, thrusting, and then stilling with a shrill whine.  Hips thrusting forward again.
Crack, crack–the whip lashed her.  Again, again, again—all the while she pushed her ass out, her pink pussy visible and moist with excitement.  The whip lashed twice in quick succession—she shouted, waggling and swiveling her hips pushing back even further, pushing back into the whip, seeking the pain, seeking her orgasm.  Two more quick flicks struck her now pink flesh and she stiffened clenching her bottom, shouting in pain, but it quickly turned to thrusting, quivering, mewling.
Her arms and hands pulled on the restraints, her body now writhing in slow, sensual arousal.  More expertly placed and timed strikes on her wobbly bottom, the momentum propelling her over the cliff.  She stiffened shouting with her release, the thrust of her hips and clench of her ass and pelvic muscles matched the pulse of her womb.  She shuddered, her moans in rhythm to her orgasm.
Next week we’ll see more of this 🙂   Now make sure you click on the links below to read the other author’s snippets.


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