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I’m so excited to have Tara Finnegan on today with her hot book, The Right Treatment.   If you haven’t read it his book yet, I hope you will pick it up today.  It is so hot and, as we expect from Tara, the story line is amazing! So, let’s see what hot little excerpt she has for us today!!

Hi Megan. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today.
I don’t know what it is about doctors that makes them seem so sexy, but
it really is an age old fascination. I remember going on holidays in my early
teens, and the holiday home had a bookshelf full of romance novels, featuring
dashing doctors. I read my first Mills and Boon there, and the hero was a doctor,
of course. I think I read one a day for the duration of our stay. They were all
sweet romances though, no sex at all! Bear in mind it was early 1980’s and
Ireland! I guess if they were naughty, my parents might have put a stop to it
although I have to say, they were very liberal, so maybe not!
Medical is such a great theme for a naughty book because there are
simply so many potential humiliations as just about every adult female knows.
How many times have we all died a death on the examination couch, just wishing
for it all to be over? I’ll never, ever forget all those horrible exams during
pregnancy. I sure as hell didn’t feel excited by them though!  Doctors call all the shots, and it’s our job
to do as we are told. How many of us refuse to bare our butts or expose our
boobs when ordered by the doctor?
“Could you just open your legs wider, please,” is not a polite request –
it’s an instruction and we all know it, and we just do it. “Make fists with
your hands and put them under your bum to raise yourself up,” might sound odd
anywhere else, but on an examination table, it’s just another instruction to be
carried out, embarrassing as it may be. Ah, the power… you can almost smell it! And the unquestioning obedience is
automatically given. So often a patient, by virtue of necessity, is
instinctively submissive. I think this was even truer generations ago, when
nobody would dare question a doctor. A person with all that knowledge was
almost god like and the minions offered up their sufferings and humiliations
and were grateful for it.
I am sharing an excerpt from an examination scene below, Aoife and Matt
have a shared history – she had begged him to take her virginity when she was
younger, and he refused her. Little did either of them know they would end up
in this situation, years later!
“Sorry. I forgot.” He stopped touching her, and she heard the sound of
the speculum scratch against the table as he lifted it. She forced herself to
focus on her breathing as she heard a squidgy sound of lubrication spurting out
of a sachet as she pulled her legs back up and widened them without being told,
desperately trying to contain the shivering and trembling in her uncooperative
            The first thing she
felt was his hand on her thigh, softly massaging the trembles away. Then the
other thigh. His hands were warm and reassuring and Aoife concentrated on the
pleasant sensation, driving the reason for it as far from her brain as she
could. His hand came so close to her secret place on a number of occasions and
a sweet yearning began to build as she arched into his touch.
            “Good girl, that’s it,”
Matt reassured. “I’m going to start now. It may be a little uncomfortable
because I have to take a look at your cervix, but if it gets too much, just
tell me and we’ll stop for a moment. Keep focusing on that nice sensation. Try
to hold it.” His hands rubbed her inner thighs again coming oh so deliciously
close. Gently he placed her legs in stirrups, first one, then the other. She
knew she was aroused. And knew he knew it too. The giveaway moistness was
surely visible as he pressed her knees even farther apart. She felt the cold of
the plastic as he inserted it.
            “How are you holding
up?” he asked. She could hear the concern in his voice.
            “Okay, so far. It’s not
too bad.”  She knew he was doing his best
to be gentle. He twisted the speculum, getting it in more and she winced with
discomfort. She tried to focus on his voice and his scent rather than cold,
hard, disposable plastic. Aoife tried to her body it was for pleasure rather
than medicine: that he wanted to do these things to her. Anything to help lose
the shame of her next door neighbour and virginity refuser poking about in her
private bits. She even almost managed to get carried away in the moment,
feeling her body giving itself to him in the strangest of ways. She would never
look forward to smears, but if Matt McDaid was at the helm, she just might get
used to them.
            “Oh,” Aoife protested
as he pushed it further in. In spite of herself, she couldn’t help tensing as
she heard the click of the clamp, forcing her open. 
“Sorry, I need to see your cervix, to make sure
I get the swab properly,” he apologised. God, he was actually looking in there.
Right up her jacksie. What the hell?  He
moved it around, trying to get the angle right. She involuntarily tried to
close her legs not able to stand the idea of him seeing bits of her that she
had never even seen herself.

The Right Treatment
have changed quite a bit in the years since Aoife Devine last saw Matt McDaid,
her childhood crush. Working as a doctor on the emergency ward has hardened
him, and parties, alcohol, and one-night-stands have taken their toll on her.
But when a bad batch of ecstasy sends Aoife to the hospital, she finds herself
with no choice but to accept Matt’s help, even if that means obeying his rules.
proves fully prepared to back up his orders with a sound spanking, and Aoife
soon learns that cooperating with his treatments is not optional, no matter how
humiliating they may be for her. But will Aoife always be no more than a
foolish girl to him, or can Matt come to see her as more than just a
troublesome patient in need of the right treatment?
Note: The Right Treatment is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual
scenes, medical play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please
don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book
collection entitled What the Doctor Ordered.
Buy it now:          Amazon      |  
 Barnes and Noble     |     Kobo

About Tara Finnegan
I’m a wife and mother
living in the heart of the country in the west of Ireland.
I like to write erotic
spanking fiction and D/s with strong characters who are as flawed and human and
as perfectly imperfect as most of us are, and make them feel like your next
door neighbor. After all, who knows what is going on next door to us? Truth can
be stranger than fiction! 
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  • Tara Finnegan

    Thanks so much for having me here today. I should have mentioned, this can also be bought as part of a great value box set – What the Doctor Ordered – 5 books with the very talented Natasha Knight, Trent Evans Sue Lyndon and Casey McKay for amazing value at $9.95