The Prank 18

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. The Little Princess Cruise has been doing very well.  Thank you!   
In this scene the pranks have occurred and Captain Garrett is not happy.   He is trying to figure out why two of the women are missing and has a suspicion that they are involved in the prank.  He has just yelled at the girls wanting to know where Becca and Gabby just as Becca was walking into the dining room. 

Becca had just walked into the dining room and was sitting down saying, “Geesh, calm down. We were on the pool deck going to the bathroom and getting dressed to come back here; get the sand out of your vagina.”
Captain Garrett momentarily forgot that he had no right to punish Becca, and started stalking toward her with a menacing look, his lips were thinned, eyes narrowed and his nostrils were flared. Jace couldn’t remember the last time he saw someone this angry and he didn’t blame him,“Young Lady, who in the name of hell do you think you’re speaking to?” He paused, taking a deep breath, “Your daddy will deal with you when we get this crisis resolved until then, I suggest you keep your backside in that chair with your mouth shut. Anything that you say from this point forward will count against you, and will be added to the count you’ll receive in your punishment, am I clear?”
“Geez, how could you not be clear? You’re freaking shouting and your face is beet red–Christ.”

Jace, hearing her retort, stood behind her, his hand squeezing her hard at the junction of neck and shoulder, his voice a quiet, intimidating rumble. “Enough, Rebecca Lynne!”

Enjoy the rest of the blogs on this wonderful Fall Saturday.   

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