The Nanny and the Vibrating Anal Beads #BDSM #SpankingRomance #EroticRomance 4

Hey WIP It Up Friends!!  I’m back — this time with a Christmas book that I’m hoping will be out next week.  All the couples from Service & Submission go to Colorado and stay at a chalet–there are a couple very nice surprises in this book.  But, overall, this book is a Christmas Spanking Sex-capade!

Here’s a little preview with Garrett and Inga!

“Did you remember to give Liam’s blanket and Maddie’s doll to my mother?”
She could barely answer, chewing on her lip, looking up to find him smiling mischievously back at her.  She glared contemplating not answering, that is until he reached into the breast pocket of his jacket, she grabbed his hand.  “Yes, your mother has them.”
Sitting in cramped quarters with a packed plane, fighting the need to orgasm was not how she envisioned the beginning of her vacation to Colorado.
She then muttered under her breath. ” jävla människa, jävla hand i badrummet.”
“Missy, I only understood part of that—fucking the hand.”  He quirked one eyebrow at her.  “You better not even think about it.  Is that a lesson that needs to be revisited?”
She swallowed. She definitely didn’t want to have orgasm denial again—ever.  “No, Master.  I’m just talking.  I didn’t mean it.”  She averted her eyes, looking at her feet.
“What did you say in Swedish?”
She stared at him for a moment, not wanting to upset him, but knew she had no choice.  “I said, ‘damn man, I will be fucking my hand in bathroom,’ but I wouldn’t do it.  I was just—”
“You were just being sassy and back talking.  Thankfully I brought the klädnypa with me, just for this reason.”
“Oh Master, I hate that clothespin.”  She couldn’t stop the whine in her voice.  It hurt and she swore she had a bruise on her tongue from it.
“If you’d restrain your mouth, it wouldn’t be an issue, would it?”   He reached into his pocket, fiddling with the remote. “Here let’s raise the bar a little, seems that the naughty nanny needs some incentive to behave—even on a plane.”
He’d put vibrating anal beads in her this morning, warning her that he’d be playing and having fun with her on the plane ride.  He’d also cautioned that if she misbehaved he’d increase the vibration as punishment.  She knew the consequences and yet, here she was unable to keep her mouth shut.
Her  eyes widened, she squeezed her thighs shut, hoping it would help decrease the vibrations.  Sitting like this the sensation pulsated through her labia up to her clit.  Closing her thighs tightly increased the trembling, and she decided that opening them wide would give her some relief.  Instead it opened the crevice enough that the throbbing pulse– unimpeded by her puffy lips — made direct contact with the hard little knot of nerves.
She stared at Garrett wanting to send him a look pleading for mercy, instead she had no doubt that she appeared as a woman in need and want, seeking persmission for an orgasm.
He shook his head slightly, his low rumbling voice warning,  “Don’t even think about having an orgasm on this airplane.  You better fight this off, girl.”


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