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Amity Learns What Surrendering Really Means…

Today we have Trent Evans visiting us In the Den with his new book, and he is bringing us a very hot medical excerpt.  You are all in for a treat!  It doesn’t matter how many times you read it–it’s just HOT!~

Sit down over here, Mr. Evans. Relax and tell us a little about your book, please.

Thank you for having me In The Den today, Megan! It’s cozy
in here;)
My newest full length novel, The
Doctor and The Naughty Girl
, is live (finally). It was my
contribution to the medical BDSM themed box set, What
The Doctor Ordered
, but it’s now available as a standalone novel,

Product Description
Dr. Dane McKendrick is tired
of his twenty-four-year-old receptionist, Amity Derrington, failing to take her
job seriously. Amity is beautiful and smart, but the rich, spoiled girl clearly
needs a firm hand, and when she shows up late for work and hung over yet again,
Dane lets her know that from now on her behavior will have consequences.
It isn’t long before Amity
puts Dane’s warning to the test, and she soon ends up over his knee for a long,
hard, bare-bottom spanking. But she’s completely unprepared for the strong
emotions that overwhelm her as she dangles over the stern doctor’s lap, and
though the painful chastisement brings her to tears, Dane’s attentions turn her
on more than she ever imagined possible.
More embarrassing still, when
Dane learns the extent to which she has neglected her annual check-ups, Amity
quickly finds herself receiving the most intimate, thorough exam of her life.
But when Amity learns the full truth about Dane, will she be able to give him
everything he demands? And if Amity’s father—who happens to be the most prominent
man on the hospital board—finds out about their new relationship, will it cost
Dane his job?
Publisher’s Note: The Doctor
and the Naughty Girl is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual
scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you,
please don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book
collection entitled What the Doctor Ordered.
* * *
For the excerpt, I thought I’d share one of the more…
intimate scenes in the book. As we open, Amity has arrived for a medical exam
administered by the good doctor, and she quickly learns that when the stern
Doctor McKendrick says he expects her submission, he means every part of her…
was a cold, clear night, the fallen leaves coating everything. She pulled her
coat tighter around her, looking through one of his front windows to see if she
could see anyone.
door opened, the porch lights flipping on, bathing the entire porch in bright
warm light.
in.” Dane stood in shadow beyond the threshold of the door.
walked in, wondering if he’d forgotten about the promised — and dreaded medical
exam. She sure as hell wasn’t going to remind him about it. If she were a very
lucky girl she’d get a very hard pounding, and some snuggling, and the entire
medical exam thing might just slip his mind!
door closed behind her, and she was enshrouded in near darkness, only the
streetlights from outside dimly illuminating the living room. Dane pulled her
into his arms, his eyes bright in the darkness.
back to the exam room, and wait for me. When I get there, I want to see you
naked and bent over the exam table. Ass high, head down. Do you understand?”
Oh fuck.
home office exam room. He hadn’t forgotten a thing! She tried to stall, maybe
talk her way out of it. If the second exam was anything like the first, she was
quite certain the shame would cause her to spontaneously combust.
Or drip all over his
Dane, why are we doing
this? You already examined me. The tests all came back normal.”
eyes flashed, his grip on her upper arms tightening. “I’ll examine you anytime
I think you need it. Right now, we’re doing it simply because I want to. I
don’t need any other reason.” He spun her around so she faced toward the
hallway, and he smacked her butt, hard, the thin skirt doing nothing to lessen
the sting. “Get your ass in there and wait for me. We’ve got a lot to do
heart sunk even as her nipples pebbled, the walk down the darkened hallway
increasing the confusing mixture of dread and excitement. She could see light
coming from under the door, the brightness dazzling her as she opened it.
exam table had several small lights directly illuminating it. In one corner —
something she hadn’t noticed before was a square section of neat white tiled
floor, a small raised lip about six inches above the floor, followed the
perimeter of the tile. The walls of that corner were covered in that same small
white tile.
gleaming shower fixture extended over the tiled area, several accessories and
hoses, hanging from it. On a shelf on the wall next to the exam table she saw a
suspicious length of rubber tubing attached to a black nozzle-like apparatus.
Hanging from a hook off the edge of the shelf was what looked to be an empty IV
fluid bag. Next to it on that same shelf, were several sizes of oblong pieces
of stainless steel.
Oh my fucking God. Butt
frightened gaze took in the roll-around tray, festooned with leather straps,
buckles, manacles and belts. She even saw a thick, black ball gag. Along
another wall hung a long varnished board from with projected a row of hooks
extending its entire length. Every tool of corporal punishment she could think
of — and even a few she’d never seen before — hung from those hooks.
You are in trouble,
course, as usual, her body didn’t seem to have gotten the memo. Her nipples
were hard enough to cut granite, her pussy so wet, her juices had begun to
slicken her inner thighs.
voice echoed down the hallway. “Two minutes, Amity. If I get in there and
you’re not ready, you won’t like the consequences.”
shrugged off her skirt, and peeled off her long sleeved top. She dropped her
bra and panties on top of her skirt, leaving them in a pile next to the exam
table. Thankfully the room was quite warm, though that did nothing to alleviate
her already throbbing hard nipples.
laid her forearms on the exam bench, taking one last look at that IV bag before
laying her head down.
Seconds later the door opened and closer
behind her, the air whispering over her exposed buttocks. She heard the tearing
open of paper or cardboard, and the sound of water pouring. The pleasant scent
of his aftershave overlaid it all. She started to look back, the deep quelling
noise from Dane snapping her head back where it was. This intensity was
something she’d
never seen in him before.
stay just like that — face forward, Amity. When I tell you to do something, you
do it. Any questions?”
of her hated how she instantly fell into line, her need to obey him and please
him overruling everything, his harsh commands seeming to short-circuit her
defiance, her clit and nipples standing at attention as if his voice commanded
their responses too.
yelped as his cool hands grasped her buttocks, yawning them open. His fingertip
coursed down the divide and she instinctively flinched.
no. Don’t tighten.” The heels of his hands pushed against her buttocks. “Relax
them. More, come on, Amity.”
she obeyed, his tone of approval making her smile even as she blushed at the
view of her he now had. Again the finger stroked down between her cheeks, but
she stayed open to him, the finger stroking and circling the sensitive ring of
her anus.
want you to clench and unclench your bottom hole, Amity.”
it tight, then bear down and push out. I want to see how your control is.”
He can’t be fucking
can’t… do that. Sir.”
you can.” He squeezed one cheek. “Do you need a couple reminders to do as
you’re told?”
just can’t.”
mortification was so much she knew she couldn’t will her body to do it.
my question, girl.”
sir, I do…”
walked over to the rack, pausing a moment to select an implement, then
returning back behind her. She didn’t dare look to see what he’d chosen.
hard, thin line of the cane came down so quickly at first she wasn’t sure he’d
actually struck her, but then the burn-ache sank into her bottom and she
yelped. Another stroke immediately followed, just below the first, and this
time she cried out, both fiery lines merging into one thick band of hurt across
both clenching buttocks. His fingers investigated the already swelling,
tightening marks.
Amity. I don’t want to give you any more if I don’t have to. Can you obey me
was no way in Hell she was going to do anything
that would get her more of that evil fucking cane. She’d heard about what the
cane felt like, had been titillated by the fantasy descriptions of it in
fiction, but none of it had prepared
her for just how much it hurt.
hands spread her bottom open again, his palms irritating the now throbbing
marks left by the cane. “Show me, girl. Squeeze as tight as you can.”
closed her eyes as she did it, willing her body to obey.
a girl, keep it tight. Squeeeze. Good!”
my God,” she whispered, shame and arousal warring within her.
push out, bear down now. More. That’s it.”
hid her face in her arms, grateful he couldn’t see the fierceness of her blush.
made her do it several more times, each time just as mortifying as the last,
then he let go of her bottom, and she sighed in relief.
was very short-lived relief.
back and spread those cheeks for me.”
will, or you’ll have another visit with the cane. It’s your choice, girl.”
she reached back, her cheek resting on the soft, cool leather of the exam
table. She took hold of her buttocks and spread them.
than that. I want to see that bottom hole.”
groaned out her embarrassment as she complied, opening herself as wide as she
could go.
hold that.”
was the sound of a cap being popped off behind her, then something cold and wet
pressed to her anus.
out against this as it goes in, girl.”
is it?”
push, bear down on it.” He slapped her hip lightly, a warning. “Come on now,
burned as her bottom hole finally gave way, but the lubricant eased its
passage. Once fully in it was uncomfortable, but not painful. There was a click
behind her and suddenly she felt warm liquid pouring inside her bowels.
Oh shit.
all right, girl. Just going to get you cleaned out here.” His hand caressed her
bottom, one side then the other. “Never had an enema before?”
that’s even better,” he murmured, patting her ass as if to soothe a frightened
beast. “First time for everything then.”
she could feel her belly expanding below her as the water continued to pour
inside, the sensation like nothing she’d ever felt before.
shushed and cooed at her as it did, occasionally reaching down to press against
her lower belly with a palm.
the first small cramp hit and she looked back at him. “Dane?”
just a little soap. You shouldn’t cramp too much, but there’ll be some.”
Easy for him to say.
 Then the flow suddenly ended, and the intruder
in her bottom was jostled as he did something with it.
I want you to hold that for ten minutes.”
minutes? She didn’t think she’d be able to hold it for ten more seconds.
there’s no way…”
minutes, or I’ll be strapping that big bottom for you after your exam.”
I’m sorry. I-I’ll do it — sir.”
 The cramping became more frequent, making her
groan each time a wave of pain hit. He stood next to her, silently stroking up
and down her back, gruffly ordering her to face forward when she tried to look
back at him.
she endured in silence, the discomfort and urgency growing each minute, she
glanced over at that tiled corner, the drain in the floor filling her with a
unique dread.
Would he?
wave of cramping hit, and she looked back. “Dane, please… I have to!”
helped her stand then, kissing her ear, her cheek, the corner of her mouth.
“Just a couple more minutes. Breathe through the cramps, Amity. Be a good
palm stroked over her bulging belly almost lovingly as she leaned back against
him, burying her blushing face under his chin. His other palm slid down to cup
and gently squeeze her naked, and already seething hot, sex, her clit hard
against the heel of his hand. How was she still aroused, despite the discomfort
of the enema?
as her murmured pleas grew desperate, he picked her up, her arms clutching her
belly, and carried her down the hall to the bathroom. He bade her lay her hands
on the white enamel of the vanity, the incandescent lights above the mirror
casting warmth over her face.
squeeze hard when I pull the plug from you. You understand?”
oh God, Dane, hurry!” Another hard cramp hit, and she lowered her head to her
hands, breathing deep. His fingers eased her cheeks apart then the plug was
gone, and she squeezed frantically as he wiped the excess lubricant from her
paused at the bathroom doorway. “When you’re done, I want you on the exam
table, legs in the stirrups. Understand?”
didn’t have the strength to look at him, her cheeks hot. “Yes, sir.”
Before the door closed fully, she was
already on the toilet, holding her head in her hands as she emptied, trying to
ignore the heat still between her legs, the hardness of nipples.
How is this fucking
he put Spanish Fly in there,” she muttered, laughing grimly at her own joke.
shaky legs she returned to the exam room, the cold floorboards creaking under
her bare feet. She found Dane perched on the stool, and he gave her an amused
arch of an eyebrow as she slipped inside the room. She froze when she saw the
roll around table now covered in various instruments, the light gleaming off
surgical steel.
know what to do.” He tipped his head toward the table. “Don’t make me strap you
seconds, he’d strapped her feet into each stirrup, and she looked up at the
ceiling, squinting against the harsh lights overhead. She gasped as something
cold and very wet was wiped up and down through the crack of her ass, scrubbing
for a moment at her anus. She blushed furiously, remembering what she’d just
done. Was she not clean enough?
Oh God…
if he’d read her mind, he leaned over her, his hazel eyes glinting. “Just an
antibacterial, girl. You’re just fine. Now, I need you to relax for me — this
might be a little uncomfortable at the beginning.”
sir,” she whispered, not sure what was worse — him swabbing her bottom hole, or
the trickle of moisture between her labia she was sure he’d be able to see.
held up a small bottle of dark green glass, pouring some of the liquid inside
on two fingers. Then the scent of it hit her, and her mouth dropped open.
He’s not seriously…
parts oil, one part ginger extract, actually.” He grinned at her like the wolf
grinning at the lamb. “It’s about to get hot in here. Scoot your bottom down
further. I want it at the edge of the table.”
what you doing?”
you going to do as you’re told?” He held up two fingers soaked in the oil. “Or
do you want me to try some of this on your clit?”
I hope
you enjoyed that little taste of the book
! Thank you for having me
on your blog today, Megan! Until next time…


  Well, Trent, that was truly…..Amazing!!  As always!!  Is it HOT in here all of a sudden?   If you want to read more of this book, the buy links are below.

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