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Today’s post comes from The Little Princess Cruise.  The girls have schemed with the ringleader, Becca, and carried out not one but two very naughty pranks.  Now they’re lined up on the deck of the ship and the Captain is orchestrating a public punishment–a caning.

     Captain Garrett stepped forward. “Gentlemen, I’ve taken liberty and I hope you don’t mind, but I purchased some items for your bad baby day. Each of you will receive a cane that you can use immediately on your naughty little girls. In addition, I’ve purchased bottles, baby food, drop seat jammies, diapers, and short dresses for the Captain’s Dining Room. And, since it was my ship that received the brunt of this activity, I’d like to start this discipline process right now, and then leave rest of the job for each of you.”
     Gabby quickly made eye contact with Jace.
     What did that mean? Was he going to spank them? Jace would never allow that. Would he?
     The Captain’s voice was loud, firm and clear. “All right, little girls. Stand up, please. Pull down your shorts and step out of them.”
     Gabby’s heart was beating in her throat, and she looked over at Becca at her left, then to Lilly on her right. Slowly, they each undid the clasp on their shorts, and lowered the zippers, pushing the shorts down over their hips and letting them fall in a puddle at their feet. Each girl picked them up, folding them and placing them on top of their sandals.
     “Push your bikini bottoms down and then stand with your hands clasped behind your head.” The captain clasped his hands behind his head to show them how they were to stand and continued, “Now! Move!”
     His deep, authoritative voice made both Gabby and Lilly jump. If he’d asked Gabby to climb the mast right then, she wouldn’t have even questioned it. She looked at her Daddy, and all she could see in his face was anger and disappointment. Jace mouthed “move” to her, and she immediately hooked her thumbs into the side of her bikini bottoms and pushed them down until they too puddled at her feet. She took her toe and pushed them aside and clasped her hands behind her head as ordered. She took a cursory glance out of her peripheral vision, and saw all the women standing in the same manner. She noticed that all of them had their pussies shaved, but she noticed that Lilly had a little tattoo on one of her pussy lips, she couldn’t see it from this distance, but it may have been a word or symbol. When Gabby looked back at the daddies, they were all looking at their wives pussies and their pants had obvious bulges or tenting occurring, including the captain.
     It was at times like this that Gabby thought about her father. Her father who trained her to be his business partner, who told her that she was to never buckle under a man, that she was a strong, independent woman and that she should hold every man’s balls in the palm of her hand. He taught her to be ruthless and savvy in business. Her father—who adored her and who she could manipulate to do her will just by shedding a tear or two—would die if he could see her standing in front of her husband whom she called Daddy, allowing him to spank her with paddles, hairbrushes, canes, and belts. Her daddy, who put her in time out and put butt plugs in her bottom to add humiliation to her punishments. Her father wouldn’t be pleased if he could see what she now allowed—and craved—in her life.
     She hated the pain, and hated disappointing Jace, but she loved that he didn’t put up with her crap, that he wouldn’t even engage in an argument with her. Manipulation was never tolerated, and if she tried it, she was paddled until she submitted to him. What would her father say about the proposed bad baby weekend—she still wasn’t sure what it meant—that involved diapers, spankings, bottles, and baby clothes. Yet, the thought of giving up complete control to Jace somehow excited her; her clit was throbbing at the thought of lying in his arms, drinking a bottle and wearing a diaper.
     You’re crazy, Gabby. Who’d actually want this?
     Why did she feel a need to have her husband be her daddy? She might never fully understand her desires, but she was glad that she had a husband who didn’t require her to understand it. He only required her obedience and submission.
     The daddies were each handed their canes, the girls watching the pale lengths striking big palms, tapping the sides of muscled calves, or slicing menacingly through the air. The sound the canes made as they were swung, made Gabby flinch.
     She had been caned once by Jace and it wasn’t an experience she ever wanted to go through again. She found herself rubbing her thighs together in nervous anticipation, and could feel the nerves tingling in her bottom. She fought the urge to cup her bottom cheeks in the palm of her hand.
     Like that’d protect your bottom.
     More than likely it would only make him take his belt off and use it to tie her hands in front of her.
The captain’s deep voice vibrated through her body, setting her stomach to a nervous roiling. “I want each of you to turn around and put your hands on the seat of your chair. I want your legs to be shoulder width apart.”
     Her tears almost blocked her vision of Jace, but she was able to see him twirl his finger in a circle for her to turn around. She knew from long experience that her weeping didn’t have a prayer of saving her here. He’d told her that while they did affect him, they didn’t manipulate him like she was used to manipulating her father.
     Her hands were sweaty as they gripped the seat, her legs shaking. Her face heated, feeling the coolness of the air on the juices coating her inner thighs. It was easier to keep her thighs together and hide the overflow, but that was probably exactly why Captain Garrett made them widen their stance.
     She felt Jace’s hand on her back and then heard his deep voice. “You really messed up this time, Gabby Girl. You’ll be one sorry girl when this is over. You’re getting eight stripes. All the girls are getting eight stripes. Keep your hands on the seat of the chair.” He tapped her buttocks three times with the cane, and before she had time to brace for the sting, it snapped against her bottom. The sting of the first stripe was always such a shock, even when you knew it was coming. It was a sting that only continued to burn and strengthen after it was received.
     “Count, please.”
     “One, Daddy.”
     She felt the cane, and then it snapped not once but twice in succession on the backs of her thighs. Bending her knees, she bounced a little to relieve the sting. She had tears running down her face already. She had five more to go. Becca was crying next to her.
     “Three, Daddy.”
     “You’ll behave for the rest of this vacation, I’m thinking. You’ll give Captain Garrett money from your spending account to clean the Jell-O out of the hot tubs. You had to know that the clean-up for this would be astronomical. What were you thinking, Gabby? What?”
     “I don’t know, D-daddy.”
     She turned her head when she heard Lilly shout in pain, a moaning scream escaping the girl’s clenched lips. Lilly had some welts on her bottom and it looked like Daddy Tim was definitely making an impression. He was saying something to his girl about an enema.
     God, poor Lilly.
     “Don’t you worry about Lilly,” Jace growled behind Gabby. “You worry about your own backside, girl. The next two are going to be on the underside of your bottom and they’ll be very hard.”
     Snap! Snap!

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