Jason Steele, Bodyguard & Chauffer, Spanks His Wife

Today I’m going to share a couple secondary characters in My Russian Master–Jason and Karen Steele. Jason is Caroline Turner’s bodyguard and chauffer–and he’s HOT as hell.  He took my breathe away at some points.  I totally based his character on Jason Statham. In this scene Jason has come home […]

Our Progress in This Thing We Do (TTWD) #TTWD #BDSM #D/s 18

al My last post was Don’t Compare, We Don’t Fit Into Boxes.  So I want to post the above and a little warning.  I’m going to discuss the progress in our marriage as far as This Thing We Do (TTWD).  Because of that, I don’t want anyone reading this and […]

Special Saddle WIP IT Up Wednesday #FindingSubmission #BDSM #WTRAFSOG 3

Welcome to WIP It Up Wednesday!  What To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey–BDSM & Beyond is live on Amazon and other platforms!  I have an excerpt from Finding Submission which has been included in this Boxed Set.  You can purchase it by clicking HERE for only 99 Cents! I’m […]

Don’t Compare–We Don’t Fit Into Boxes 15

The above meme showed up on Facebook about a month ago and I saved it.  It meant something to me at the time. Still does. And today, instead of finishing another book, I’ve decided to write a blog post on this meme. I heard someone else say something this week […]