Goodbye Rollin Hand 6

Today’s blog honors Rollin Hand (aka Jordan St. John)– most of us knew him as Rollin. The man is a legend in the Spanking Romance genre–and has been writing spanking stories for well over 40 years. I was first introduced to him through Blushing Books, close to 27 years ago. […]

Eating Your Black Bread Young or Old #Poverty #Hunger #FoodShelf 13

Warning:  This post is heavy.  I’m hoping it will get everyone thinking, reassessing situations in their lives, and maybe spurring everyone into action.  When I was a small child, after my mother kicked out the alcoholic, gambling step father, my grandmother came to live with us, helping my mother care […]

Our Progress in This Thing We Do (TTWD) #TTWD #BDSM #D/s 18

al My last post was Don’t Compare, We Don’t Fit Into Boxes.  So I want to post the above and a little warning.  I’m going to discuss the progress in our marriage as far as This Thing We Do (TTWD).  Because of that, I don’t want anyone reading this and […]

Don’t Compare–We Don’t Fit Into Boxes 15

The above meme showed up on Facebook about a month ago and I saved it.  It meant something to me at the time. Still does. And today, instead of finishing another book, I’ve decided to write a blog post on this meme. I heard someone else say something this week […]