THEIR TREASURED GIRL – A Sci-Fi Reverse Harem with Five Men (Two Daddy Doms)

Their Treasured Girl  is LIVE  You can buy  it here: The reviews are coming in and MANY are loving this new series.  I look forward to doing the next book, which focuses on one of the Daddy Doms–DADDY’S TREASURE. Here’s a couple of the things that have been said before […]

Maddox’s Mother Gets Her Ass Blistered – Carnal Indulgence (Desiring The Forbidden, Book 3)

CARNAL INDULGENCE is Maddox and Libby’s story. But it is also a story about their collaring ceremony with their friends at The Playpen, and their formal wedding at a ranch in California.  Maddox’s mother, Pamela has been giving Libby trouble, she doesn’t like that Libby is fifteen years older than her […]

Daddy’s Good Sassy Girl

It’s only eight days until His Sassy Girl will be on your Kindle!! You’ll wake up to it! But only if you’ve done the pre-order!! Click on the cover above or below to purchase it! Today I have a sexy, spanking hot excerpt–Sassy is reminiscing about Dylan spanking her for […]

Sunni’s First Spanking–Desiring the Forbidden #EroticRomance #DaddyDom #BDSM

  DESIRING THE FORBIDDEN IS UP ON AMAZON!  CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR COPY Well, while we are waiting for Amazon how about a sexy spanking excerpt?  Yes?  I thought it seemed like a good idea too! Once the book is live, I will be notifying my newsletter fans first.  […]

Jason Steele, Bodyguard & Chauffer, Spanks His Wife

Today I’m going to share a couple secondary characters in My Russian Master–Jason and Karen Steele. Jason is Caroline Turner’s bodyguard and chauffer–and he’s HOT as hell.  He took my breathe away at some points.  I totally based his character on Jason Statham. In this scene Jason has come home […]

Whipping Viktoria For A Spanking Video #BDSM #SpankingRomance #Master/slave 6

My book about a Russian Master will be coming out 10/20 and I have an excerpt I hope you’ll all enjoy today.  Maxim lives in Moscow and makes Russian videos for a popular spanking site.  Here he is whipping his friend Viktoria, let’s watch!  (This is pre-edits, so forgive any […]

Rainbow on Your Backside – Mastering Inga #SatSpanks #M/s #SwedishNanny 5

  Welcome, Saturday Spank fans, Mastering Inga (Service & Submission. Book 2) is done and being formatted!  Soon!  I did a cover reveal yesterday but can’t resist showing it again!! In addition, for the next few days, Finding Submission (Service & Submission, Book1) is on sale for $0.99 In this […]