T = TSA Checks and Men with Belts #SpanksA2Z 11

T = TSA and Men with Belts
There are other words I could have talked about today–Tongues, Tits, Twats, Taken in Hand, Time out, Thrashing as well as many others I am sure.

But I saw something on TV yesterday and it made me think of how much I love being in a Federal Court building (I was a court reporter for years, so I spent a LOT of time in security check points) or the airport and watching men going through the security check points and TSA areas.

I am definitely going to wave my “freak flag” today and, in case you haven’t guessed it already, I will be letting everyone know how much I love nonverbal and visual cues.

I love seeing men standing in line at these places with their belts folded in their hands.  It sends my imagination flying.  I look to see if they have a wedding ring on and then imagine.   I wonder if they take their belts off to spank their wives.  I wonder if they scold their wives before they spank.  I wonder if he believes in corner time.  

Even if they aren’t the most gorgeous and hunky or young or ab-a-licious, and they look like the one above, I still find myself throbbing looking at a belt unbuckled dangling like that.  Or better yet, a line of men with their belts doubled over in their hands waiting for their turn in line to put them in the bucket. And we won’t even discuss when they are done with the check point and they are weaving the belt back into their pants!!

And after seeing this image, I knew that I was not alone and that men feel this way watching women in the same process. 

So, once again, if this isn’t something you have felt or thought about while waiting in an airport or Federal court system, you can thank me now!  Now when you stand in line and see a bunch of men with their belts unbuckled or in their hand doubled over or they are threading their belts back into their pants at the end of the line, you will ponder the same questions.  I wonder if he spanks his wife?  Does he make her do corner time?? Does he make her watch him take his belt off?  Does he stand in front of her when it is over and weave it back on??

God is that just freaking delicious!!!  I love that picture!!  As much as I love seeing a belt being taken off, there is an excitement of watching it being threaded back through the loops, tightened and put through the buckle. 

You’re Very Welcome!!  Happy Traveling!

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