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Happy Weekend!  I’m back with another excerpt for my upcoming book!  As we learned from the last couple posts, Sunni has burned Cade’s clutch trying to learn how to drive his truck (his First Wife) as a surprise for him.  She’d been warned that if she ever tried to drive his truck again, she’d be switched.  She’s been lying over a padded bench in the woodshed waiting for her paddling and switching.   Let’s see what happens today 🙂


“Are you sorry that you drove my truck?”   He’d be interested in this answer.

“N-not really.” She peeked over her shoulder at him, biting her lip in worry. “I mean…I’m sorry that when I drove it, I wrecked it. But I meant well. Really. I wanted to surprise you, that’s all.” Her lip quivered, her beautiful blue eyes welled up with tears.

Well, hell.

Cade hadn’t anticipated the tables being turned and him wanting to pull her into his arms, comforting her for burning up his clutch for almost a thousand dollars.

“Baby, what a sweet thing to say. You made my day with that.” He came around the horse, squatting in front of her to kiss her lightly on the nose and mouth. “But you’ll learn in time, little girl, that you’re not to surprise me with something that is against the rules. If you had thought this through, you would have talked to me about it first. Or found a different way to serve me. Like making breakfast at six in the morning.”

Sunni scrunched her nose at him, shaking her head.

Cade erupted in laughter. “I know, you hate getting up and you hate cooking, but that would have been more exciting and cost much less too. But the most important thing, you wouldn’t have broken a rule, and you wouldn’t be on this horse waiting to be switched.”

He pulled the vibrator out after turning it off. He then slid his finger through her slick lips, dipping his fingers into her sex, the moist sounds filled the small room. [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Normally Cade didn’t believe in giving an orgasm during a punishment, but that beautiful statement deserved a reward.[/pullquote]

“My God, Sunni, you have a steady stream of your juices dripping out of you and down the horse.” He knew there was no need to prepare her at this point, she’d been lying with a vibrator for an hour. The woman was ready to go off like a rocket.

He undid his pants, pulling his cock out.

Shit, he may be the one to go off like a rocket!

He’d been watching that ass and pussy for way too long this afternoon, wanting to bury himself in her. He stroked the length, lining himself up to her, thrusting his hips to impale her.   She groaned, clenching around him. He’d never tire of this woman, she’d been under his nose and never had a clue that he’d be desiring her once she grew up.   He didn’t just desire her, he obsessed about her, wanting to take her in every way, in every room.

He reached around, finding her clit, teasing and lightly squeezing it. He knew he wouldn’t last long like this, not with the visual stimulation he had today.   “Baby, I’m not going to last.”

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Good. Just fuck me!”[/pullquote]

He knew he should be upset that she swore, but it just struck him so funny. He let out a full belly laugh before increasing his rhythm, pushing into her hard and fast, his balls bouncing off her wet pussy.   She moaned and panted on every thrust.

“Cade, I need to cum!”

“Yes. Go!” It was as coherent as he could make it.   His body became taut, like an overstretched rubber band, his head fell back, his mouth open, shouting with his ejaculation, spurting his warm seed into her. And her own scream with her release timed perfectly with his.

When he finally came out of his sex haze again, he trailed kisses onto her damp back and neck. She groaned, stretching as much as the restraints would allow.

“Do you feel better, Sunni?”

“Oh God, yes.   It felt like I had waited forever for that.”

He slipped his semi-erect cock out of her, tucking himself back into his jeans.   “I hate to break it to you sweet pea, but it’s time for your punishment now.”

He leaned over grabbing the paddle off the tool bench. “Daddy’s going to give you the swats from the spanking paddle first. Tell Daddy why you’re receiving those.”

“Because I didn’t tell you I’d been driving the truck when you asked the first time. I lied.”

Cade tapped the hard wooden spanking paddle against her bottom. His arm swung out, swatting each cheek five times. He had thought he’d give her ten on each cheek, but didn’t have the heart after her tearful confession that she only wanted to serve him.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]His heart just swelled with pride, she was actually looking for ways to serve and please him. His girl.[/pullquote]


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Have a great Weekend.

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