Straighten Up and Fly Straight 23

Hello Fellow Saturday Spanking Friends!!  I have a title for my new book– Finding Submission!  My cover reveal will be within the next couple days–and it’s gorgeous!!

Preston calls Avery’s father, Grayson, to get his approval for the proposition of Avery working off her fine for stealing by cleaning and residing at Preston’s home for six months. 

Grayson finally said, “Let me get this straight–she’d clean your house.  Is this what you’re saying?”
“Yes, sir.   This way she gets to realize the consequences of her actions in a safe environment.  She’ll be required to put in a full days’ worth of work, but I assure you she’ll be treated fairly while she’s at my house.   I’ll give you any information you need to have a background check done on me.  I have nothing to hide, Judge.”
Again, the Judge was quiet on the other end.  “Well, she’s been lacking in discipline lately and the discipline required to clean for six months will do her some good.”
Preston said, “Well, while we’re talking about it.  There’ll be certain rules while she’s at my house–she’ll not be allowed to leave the premises unescorted and she can’t have a car and she’ll be required to work six days a week, but no more than forty to forty five hours a week.”
“I think all of those are reasonable and I know the restrictions on her movement are necessary; but, I’m gonna warn you son, she’s gonna give you a fight on these.  Be ready.” Grayson chuckled. 
Preston laughed back saying, “I’m not concerned–I’ll be ready for her potential defiance and am more than capable of reinforcing the rules of the house.  She’ll straighten up and fly straight in no time.”

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