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CARNAL INDULGENCE (Desiring the Forbidden, Book 3) is live on Amazon; and if you have a membership to Kindle Unlimited, it is Free.   Currently, the book is $2.99 and will be raised to its normal price of $4.99 on Friday. So don’t delay. Click on the teaser or book cover to read your copy! Everyone fell in love with Daddy Maddox and Libby in His Sassy girl; and as you know, this spanking, sex, and wedding romp focuses on their relationship.  I’m excited to hear how much you all enjoy their relationship and wedding.   In this excerpt, we watch Professor Maddox in action with a recalcitrant student.  Enjoy!

Maddox stared at Tabitha Gains, using his best flinty, stern professor glare. Her long silky brown hair hung past her shoulders, and she chewed on her lip, her brown doe eyes were bright, he was sure, with the beginning of tears.

He’d been through this before with countless students, including his fiancée and Sassy. The women wanted the fun of being in school, meeting new friends, busy social life with drinking and parties, but when it came to studying and assignments, they missed the correlation that if they failed their classes, all these activities would end with their expulsion.

It took great discipline—balancing fun and studies. Many just need a stern talking to, and they would immediately fly right again, others learned the hard way by failing and coming back years later as dedicated students. In the case of his Libby, and Dylan’s Sassy, however, they learned by some good old-fashioned over-the-knee discipline.

However, this wild woman standing before him didn’t belong to him, so he’d do his best to scare her with a stern lecture.

“So, Tabitha, did you study at all for the test last week?”

Her eyes darted to the ceiling and floor, anything to avoid looking at him. “Yes…kinda. I did a little bit.”

He stood up from behind his desk, the sudden movement startling her, her back stiffening as he walked by her seated in a chair near his desk. He knew that just the change in his position, towering over, and the very act of walking close enough that his tweed jacket brushed against her—all of these would increase her anxiety.

Ms. Gains appeared to respond just as he had hoped; he’d continue with the admonishment she seemed to be surrendering to.

He sauntered around his desk, his back to her, pausing to stare out the window—only for a moment—increasing the tension before turning to face her again, his hands on his hips, jacket pushes aside. “Which means, Ms. Gains, you studied immediately before the test? Am I correct?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Oh, a ‘yes, sir.’ A splendid sign.


Maddox sat back down in his chair, resting his ankle on his knee, elbow on his desk with his forefinger and thumb bracing his face. “Is this how you were raised? Were you taught to believe that education is something that comes second to your social life?”

“No, Sir. Education was…is a top priority in my family, Sir.” Tabitha brushed at some nonexistent lint on her skirt.

“I seem to remember that you went to a private school too. So am I correct to assume that your parents are paying for your college tuition, young lady?”

Tabitha’s eyes jerked up. “Yes, Sir, they are.”

“So would I also be correct in assuming,” Maddox leaned forward draping his clasped hands between his knees, penetrating her with his gaze, “that your father wouldn’t be pleased with a phone call updating him on your mid-semester grades?”

Her long delicate throat visibly worked to swallow. “Yes, Sir, you’re correct. He wouldn’t be pleased. Y-you’re not calling him, are you?”

Bingo! He had her right where he needed her.


As if contemplating that very thing, he sat for what he assumed to her was an interminably long time, watching her reaction carefully, waiting for the perfect time to respond. Then it happened, her eyes glistened with tears, her lip trembling until her small white teeth bit down on the plump lip.

“Tell me, young lady, don’t you think you deserve to be scolded for this irresponsible behavior. Shouldn’t you receive the censure of some variety for your blatant disregard for your education?” He dipped his chin, raising his eyebrow.

Silent tears tracked down her cheeks now; she quickly brushed them aside. “P-please don’t contact him, Sir. I p-promise I’ll do better and…maybe I can do extra credit work to bring my grade up? M-may I, Sir?”

And it’s in the basket! Score!


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