Someone Needs to Take You In Hand — #SatSpanks 26

I’m glad to be back on Saturday Spankings. It’s been six weeks since I’ve been on. My second book is at the publishers awaiting edits. First, I want to thank Trent Evans for helping me with this new book!  His suggestions, comments, edits and support have been very helpful and I just wanted to take the time to publicly thank him for his time and kindness.  

This book is set on a Princess Cruise for Daddies and their little girls.   There are five couples in this book (yes, Meggie and Molly are there too!).   The main characters are Jace and Gabby.  Gabrielle is the CEO of her family business and Jace is under her supervision, but the rest of the time she is Daddy Jace’s Gabby Girl.  

In this scene,Gabby and Jace have just met and are attending a year end budget meeting. When Gabrielle’s father gets upset about a spending account, Gabrielle turns on the tears to manipulate him.  Later, in a private conversation, Gabby informs Jace that she only cried to get her father to back off so she could proceed as planned.  

“What?  What did you just say to me?”
“You heard me.  I said you need to have your bottom tanned,” Jace leaned forward in his chair and rested his arms on the desk, “If I was your father, you wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for a long time after that display.”
“Well, I never—“
“No, you obviously never have or you’d have known better at this age.   You should have been taught years ago to not play with someone’s emotions by turning on the tears.  It’s the same as lying and in my book requires the same stern discipline one would receive for lying.”
“Well, thankfully you aren’t the person who has to worry about it” Gabby lifted her chin as a show of disdain for his opinion. 
“No, you’re right; it’s not my concern at all.   But someone needs to take you in hand and if it isn’t going to be your father, it needs to be someone who isn’t so easily manipulated.”

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