S = Strap, Spankings, and Submission #SpanksA2Z 17

S = Strap Spankings & Submission

Just seeing those words, reading them in my head and then looking at that picture–makes me sigh, shiver, squirm, and leaves me sexually charged.  I have a feeling all my SpanksA2Z friends will be writing about this today.  Look at that picture–there is a sexiness and safety to that picture.  She is comfortable crawling into his lap and he casually rests his hand on her thigh as they talk or, as I imagine it, “discuss” what happened at the party tonight.  The easiness and comfortableness is endearing and engaging to me.  I love when my husband asks me to crawl into his lap while we talk about our day and the feel of his hand resting on my bottom or my leg. 

I was originally just going to do a discussion of the different types of spankings–hand, paddle, hairbrush, paint stirrer (you knew that was coming, right?), strap, belt, razor strop, tawse, birch, switch and cane (and whatever else I have forgotten) SPANKINGS.  

Then I realized that the spankings I love most (well, that I love most today) seem to be belt/strap spankings.  There is just something yummy about a belt spanking.  There is nothing quite like watching your husband undo his belt while looking at you.  Just the thought of it has me squirming.  Yet at the same time, nothing gets the butterflies moving in my stomach like a belt coming out of the loops on his pants.  The sound– Thwap, Thwap, Thwap–and seeing him fold it together into the instrument of my choice and the instrument of my demise.  

Caveat:   I need to add
here that my sweet husband is definitely afraid of hurting me, so I
really do not have a complete understanding of the outer limits of ANY
of these implements.  He doesn’t even want to get me anywhere near
those limits.  Many days that bothers me, until he is paddling me with a
wooden implement–then I am very thankful that when I start yelping a
little too much he stops.  I am like, “Phew, thank God he doesn’t take
this too far.  This hurts like flipping hell!!”

Paddle, spoon, and hairbrush spankings are brutal, I just can’t stand them. Oh, I forgot the five gallon paint stirrer–the devil of wooden instruments.  Which–I know, I know–is the whole point of them.  But they are so unforgiving.  No give, no reprieve–just the thud and deep tissue and muscle pain.  Even his hand is more like a paddle and it is my assumption that the giver of a hand spanking has this misconception that it doesn’t hurt as much because it is “just their hand.”  When in reality it is just as thick, if not thicker than a paddle and when held in a stiff, flat position it mimics a paddle or hairbrush very well and when the force is increased because it is “only my hand,” the effect is quite—upsetting, traumatizing, and painful. 

The belt/strap has a give to it.  And even though it can sting like the dickens and feel like a line of fire, it doesn’t have the same deep muscle pain that a wooden implement has. I love that there is a warm, stingy feeling long after it is over.  I love looking at my pink stripes in the mirror.  Now, again, if it was given in a harsher manner, my opinion would be different.  I may never know *sigh*.  I will your blogs today and see what everyone else has written.  LOL 

The next part of my “S” is submission.  In reality none of this is possible without the receiver submitting to this discipline.  There is an agreement at some point that this is the consequence of a certain action whether it is discussed as part of the house rules ahead of time or as part of the discussion immediately preceding the discipline.  For example, in my “Insolent” post I knew that telling my husband to “kiss my ass” was not going to be received well and knew that there would be some sort of response.  However, because I am me, that did not occur to me until he was swatting my jean clad bottom.    

Here’s a little something that I wrote that fits this topic today:  

Jace was tapping his fingers on the arm rest of his chair and he waited until Gabby Girl looked his way and tapped his belt buckle with his right forefinger.  Immediately her face turned crimson; the warning of future discipline was clear and direct and her blush let him know she understood the threat.  Her eyes widened and she cleared her throat as he nodded his head affirming that her concern was validated. 
“Gabrielle,” Jace addressed her publicly in a controlled manner and he could see the panic on her face “I think Josh is almost done with his presentation, if you would like to take a seat or take a break, I am sure he will be done soon.” 
 She dropped her head and the blush rose on her neck and cheeks again as she stared at the oak conference room table. 
Jace continued to stare at Gabby until she raised her eyes and they made contact with Jace’s.  He could see her swallow and she was playing with her wedding rings, which she did when she was nervous and unsure.  He nodded at her as he wrapped his hand around his belt buckle to once again to reinforce with her what was on her agenda tonight.  She averted her eyes and intently watched Josh continue his presentation.  The meeting was adjourned and staff casually talked and gathered their things to continue their day.  Staff were wishing Gabrielle and Jace a safe and fun-filled vacation. 
Jace hung back until all the staff had left and walked up to Gabrielle who was trying to pour a glass of water from the pitcher on the counter. Her hands were shaking and he knew she was aware of him behind her.  He held her elbow and leaned into her ear to whisper, “We discussed this meeting just this morning, didn’t we?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Remind me Gabby what I said, because I am not sure after the display I just witnessed that I was clear.  Obviously something was missed in that conversation.”
“Uhm…You said that Josh had been preparing for his presentation this week and that I was to be patient; I was to speak words that were kind and uplifting.”
“Turn around please; I need to see your eyes.”  She turned and he could see she struggling to keep eye contact with him.  “Why did I have to ask you to do these things today?”
“Because I haven’t always been kind to Josh in meetings before, sir.”
“That’s right.  You have been downright mean to him in meetings.  Were you punished that last time you treated Josh poorly?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Daddy, I want you to call me daddy.”
“But I’m at work, Jace.”  He could see fire starting to spark in her eyes.
“Don’t you dare start getting an attitude with me, missy.  We are in a private setting with no one around.  You can speak as low as you want, but you will call me Daddy.  The issue we are discussing requires your submission.  Are you going to comply or am I adding to your punishment tonight?  You will submit one way or another.”
“I will comply—“she looked around the room “—Daddy.” 
“All right.  So, were you punished the last time?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“I was spanked with my hairbrush.”
He brushed her hair off her shoulders and pushed some strands behind her ear, he kissed her right at that soft spot behind her ear and whispered in her ear “Tonight you are going to receive the belt just like I warned you.  If you had listened to what I said, this wouldn’t be happening.  Why is it so difficult for you to control your mouth?”
“I don’t know, Daddy.”  Her eyes filled with tears and he knew that he could not cave.  He was a sucker for her tears, but he had to be strict with this.  She had to learn how to curb her tongue or she was going to lose valuable friendships and promotions. 
“Well, Gabby Girl, you will have a sore bottom to help you remember.  Do you think you can behave for the rest of the day, or should I give you a reminder before I leave for my office?”
“No, Daddy, I’ll be good.”
“You better be.”  He looked around and then patted her bottom as a warning, winking at her as he made his departure from the conference room. 

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17 thoughts on “S = Strap, Spankings, and Submission #SpanksA2Z

  • Stevie MacFarlane

    Thanks for sharing this Megan. You've given me much to think about regarding the use of the belt or strap. I always hesitate to use it in my writing as I imagine it to be very harsh, much worse than a hand spanking. It never occurred to me that at times it could be more 'forgiving', especially when compared to a heavy hand. I guess I'm a little bit of a weenie when it comes to that kind of pain too. Hot little scene, too.

  • PK Corey

    Oh yes please, leather over wood any time. Something is so sensual about the belt, so intimate. When I get around to Y you'll need to read, it has to do with wishing my husband would push me sometimes and yet I'm often grateful he doesn't. I love the scene here.

  • Casey McKay

    I am laughing about hand spanking. My husband is also always worried he will hurt, but lately seems to be spanking much harder. Recently I had to turn around and say "What the hell are you hitting me with?" He was like, just my hand. Good god! It was like a paddle.

    Yes, wood is so unforgiving, I love the belt! And these pictures you posted were sexy. I like the excerpt too, thanks for sharing!

    • Megan Michaels

      I like them all. Thin, black dress belt. Mmmmm. Woven casual–whole different feel. Thick, wide brown one–has more of a thud. Get a collection! Makes the anticipation better when there is a variety!!

  • katherinedeane

    dang it, where'd my reply go?!?
    loved this post!
    loved the excerpt!

    and loved the pic of the hot abs dude taking off his belt.
    MMMMM, I love the visual and the sounds.
    Great post.
    Ok, let's see if this one goes through

  • Ruth Staunton

    Girl! I swear we were sisters in a past life or something. I have a love/hate relationship with the belt. There is very little sexier to me than a man taking off his belt (Above photo being a very prime example 😉 ) At the same time, absolutely nothing drops me into submissive/little headspace faster.

    On the other hand, I have not so fun emotional headspace from my childhood connected to being spanked with a belt. I was never hurt or anything like that, just was WAY too young for a whippin', and it can be a bit of a memory minefield so I consider it off limits most times. If I were married and trusted my husband, like you obviously do, that would be different though.

    • Megan Michaels

      Definitely you and I have way too many similarities. And childhood with a belt and being too young is in my make up too. I think it is why it frightens me and mesmerizes me. Trust is letting me work through the fear for sure.

  • Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl

    Love this post. I too am a belt lover. There is just something so sexy about watching him removed his belt, I get tingly all over. Like you, there are no punishments so it might be different if that was the case, but right now I love the feel of leather.

    The thought of punishment appeals to me in fantasy only, but it's quite sexy there. 🙂