Round Table Discussion–Anal Punishment 21

Welcome to Spanking Romance’s Round Table Discussion.  Today’s topic was suggested by Corinne Alexander we are discussing Anal Punishment in spanking books– “Once upon a time in spanking romance land spankings & punishments
consisted of strictly spanking; hand or implement and bottom. In the
last couple of years spanking romance authors have delved a little
beyond just straight spanking. It seems that now more often than not a
little or a lot of anal play & punishment are added to the scenes to
increase the spice factor.”
Here are the questions: 

1)  Does anal punishment/play in a spanking romance get you all hot and bothered or is it a definite scene skipper for you?

I love having anal punishment in a book. From the books I’ve read and those I have written with it, it’s consensual and clearly part of the dynamic and is usually a fair punishment and fits the crime.   
2) What elements do you like? 
I like the dominance of it all.  The submissive having to surrender her will and her body to the punishmentUsually the misdeed is punished with a spanking first.  Again, she’s submitting and consenting to the punishment.  It’s been agreed upon ahead of time what the consequences will be. But with anal there’s always an element of dubious consent.  She’s usually resistant to the anal punishment–in some books there’s not only a verbal struggle but also a physical struggle.  In anal punishment, care is still taken, i.e. lube and care for her well being, but there is an element of overtaking her and a roughness that isn’t in an anal sex scene.  I like the roughness, the fight, the struggle to obtain her submission –to remind her who’s in charge, who controls her punishment, who owns not only her but also her ass, who she obeys and submits to on a daily basis –her husband/lover/Dom. I love that she’s forced to submit. I love the struggle and the scolding that usually accompanies anal.  There’s usually a discussion of her submission, her disobedience, her defiance, her mouthiness or putting herself in danger.   
And when it’s over, there’s a feeling of “there, now you’ll behave” or “tell me who’s in charge.”  There is usually a scolding and the submissive is directed to state who’s in charge and affirm that she will submit to his authority in the future.  The role of dominant and submissive is clearly defined.  Everything is put into it’s proper order and perspective.  
3) What elements are turn offs to you?
I think I would be turned off if it truly was non-consensual or in a prisoner setting.  
4)  Do you personally add this element to your stories? 
In What Naughty Little Girls Get, the girls received an anal punishment for drinking and driving–putting their lives at risk. It was used to re-establish order.     
In my most recent book, The Little Princess Cruise, Becca was given anal punishment.   She’d misbehaved during a mani/pedi on the ship, was mouthy, defiant and disobedient.   After her punishment, she also received anal.  It was clear that she consented, he asked if she wanted to safe word and she said no and took her punishment.    
In my WIP anal punishment is given again and this time it’s for breaking the law and putting herself in danger. Again, it was to reinforce that he’s the Dom.  
 I love reading about anal and love writing about anal.  To me anal punishment is the icing on the cake.  As long as it’s consensual and used to re-establish dominance or fit the crime, I’m all in for it.   I like Doms/Daddies that are stern and dominant, and it’s even better if they have to use their dominance during punishment to prove and reinforce that they’re the Dom/Daddy and coerce the submission of the woman through anal punishment. 
Here’s a list of the other participants:  Go over and read all their blogs!  

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21 thoughts on “Round Table Discussion–Anal Punishment

  • Melody Parks

    I completely agree it's the dominance displayed in anal that really trips my trigger. I mean, it's one of a woman's most sacred of all places. A man that knows and understands how to play and or punish that area just gets me all Ooey Gooey!
    Great post Megan ☺

  • PK Corey

    1) Does anal punishment/play in a spanking romance get you all hot and bothered or is it a definite scene skipper for you?

    It does get me all hot and bothered if it’s fairly mild, if it’s to make a point. If it’s used to establish dominance, to provide a little embarrassment, I like it. I want it to cause a little discomfort, not pain. If it grows harsh in the least, I find it a turn off.

    2) What elements do you like?

    I like when he is establishing his dominance. That he has the ‘right’ to uses this form of discipline to make her completely aware of this fact. I always want the HOH to keep in mind he is teaching and correcting, getting her attention – but again, not trying to cause extreme pain.

    3) What elements are turn offs to you?

    Any roughness, anything that shows he enjoys inflecting pain for pain’s sake. Anything non-consensual or forced, passed the usually, “please don’t”, where the sub has already fully consented (in theory) that the HOH has this right.

    4) Do you personally add this element to your stories?

    Not in the Cassie stories. In Cassie’s history her first husband used this as a method of torture. Tom knows this and knows she is not able to deal with it.

    I do, and will, use it in other stories that I’m working on as time permits. I think it’s an excellent way to show dominant and submissive rolls.

  • Trent Evans

    I wish I had emphasized that D/s angle more in my post — I think you really nailed it here. The headspace/psychology of it is more important than the actual act. I loved how you also emphasized that though the dynamic may sometimes have a "dub con" vibe, it's ultimately all consensual.

    Context is everything, and anal anything in the context of a D/s dynamic just makes it that much hotter.

    Great post!

    • Megan Michaels

      Thank you, Trent. I LOVE the D/s angle. I love when it becomes "who's in charge here?" or "Next time you'll remember who owns this body" LOVE IT! And yes, even though there is consent, it can seem like it is dub con. But that is part of the spanking romance genre.

  • Maren Smith

    We have so many of the same likes. I love that dynamic too. I love it when there's a bit of struggle and protest and reluctance, even anxiety, but in the end, it's his dominance and authority that win out, leaving her no other option but to submit to her punishment before she once more becomes his "good girl".

    • Megan Michaels

      YES!!! You got it. Becomes his good girl again–sigh. I love that. It's exactly how we feel reading it. She submits completely and the order is re-established. All is good in the BDSM/Spanking book again. Thanks, Maren.

  • katherinedeane

    I totally agree, Megan!
    I love the hotness of the forced dominance. But he also has to care for the well being of his sub.
    And though I prefer con, I like the grey area that almost seems non con, but it's for a show of hot dominance.
    Love that!
    Great post 🙂

  • Leslie Jones

    I find the discussion of anal punishment confusing because it mixes punishment and sex. Yes, we do consent to be punished when we play but punishment usually involves embarrassment and pain.If anal penetration is being experienced for the first time, even with proper preparation and lubing, some pain is likely. Yet it seems that when these necessary precautions are taken, which of course I favor, it ceases to be a punishment, for better or worse. When I read descriptions of anal caning, for example, it is totally clear that that is a punishment.