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Mastering Inga is out! I’m going to share the blurb and prologue of the book. Then I’ll list the buy links.  I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s reactions to this book.  Even a small review–that’s just one sentence–that would be awesome.

I hope you all enjoy it – I had a good time writing it.  It was fun to have a book that had children in it – they add an element of sweetness and fun. I had some emotional times writing this book and found myself dealing with the loss of friends and family while writing about Garrett and his children dealing with the death and loss of his wife Anne.

The orgasm denial and her fascination with sex toys made this particularly fun – I hope you all enjoy it!

I had a great time writing the ending, which was sentimental and sweet.   I’m anxious to hear how you all felt reading it!

To Inga, serving wasn’t just a job —
it was who she was, right down to her bones. The picture of the tall, dark and
handsome physician in the assignment profile intrigued her more than the money
he offered, more than the generous live-in accommodations, more even than the
chance for her to be a caregiver to his two young children in America. No, the
picture of the childrens’ father sparked something else in her — an even deeper
desire. A need to serve him. For Inga
still yearned to serve a man — in every way he required.
A prominent surgeon, wealthy,
attractive, and successful, Garrett seemed to have the perfect life. But
underneath all of that, he knew one thing for certain: he was a mess. Losing
his wife had been devastating enough, but raising two children — alone — only
made recovering from her death that much more difficult. Somehow they’d made it
through though, scarred, but together. Now, it was time to do something
positive, time to take a step forward. And that started with finding someone
who could give his two beloved children what he couldn’t — a woman’s touch, a
woman’s caring, and a woman’s love.
The lovely blonde woman from Sweden
would do nicely — she loved the children, and they loved her right back. He’d
just have to ignore the dramatic curves of her lush body, those gorgeous Nordic
blue eyes, and the way her sun-kissed skin seemed to glow when she smiled. Yes,
that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Right? Not a problem that is until he
learned what she really was, what she really wanted — and what he’d needed all
along. Another woman to kneel at his feet, another woman who obeyed every
command he’d give her, another woman to worship him in every way he demanded.
Perhaps he’d finally found what he was looking for, but he’d never know for
sure. Because the one woman he wanted, was the very woman he couldn’t
How could he make Inga his, in every
way a man could, when she was the caregiver for his own flesh and blood?
Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only! 
is a MF BDSM contemporary romance. Themes include: graphic sexuality, M/s,
exhibitionism, orgasm denial, spanking, bondage, anal play and other BDSM
activities. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book.
Word count: 52,716 words
He stared
at the gorgeous woman in the corner.  His
wife, his slave—Anne.   She’d be
disciplined tonight.  He never liked
administering discipline, but he had no other options.  Her blatant disregard of the rules and
resultant misbehavior required it. 
know your phone is to be shut off when you’re driving,” Garrett said,
standing before her.
sorry, Sir.”
Master. The kids aren’t around. Call me
sorry, Master.”
She’d been
sitting naked on her heels in the corner with the command “to think,”
and when he’d arrived home, rather than call her from her corner,  he’d merely told her to turn toward him for
her lecture.
She knew
better. Disappointment didn’t even begin to describe how he felt. The thought
of losing her terrified him. People died daily from texting with their phones.
As a
doctor, he saw or heard the stories of people texting while driving. The
mangled cars and bodies in the hospital. So it had become one of her rules upon
entering the car: Shut your phone off before even starting the vehicle.
temptation had been too great. If the phone wasn’t shut off, she’d lean over to
read the text when it came in. And, as he’d learned the hard way, if she
thought the text was important enough, she’d answer it. She kept the text message
brief and succinct, but she’d still answer it. He immediately instituted this
rule once he learned of this misbehavior.
Preston, his brother, and his new wife Avery had contacted him at the office to
tell him that they had passed his wife in the van.  Preston told him Anne was obviously texting,
her van swerving in a way that showed just how distracted his wife had
“Garrett.  It’s Preston. 
I’m sorry to call you at the office, but I knew you’d want to know.  Avery and I passed Anne today swerving in the
road.  She was texting. “Are you
sure? She’s not supposed to drive with her phone even on, let alone
she was holding her phone up. She has a pink case, right?”
that’d be her case.  I just can’t believe
I know your relationship with her, and I know that it’s not allowed in your
house.  Just as it’s not allowed in
mine.  If I ever caught, or someone else
caught, Avery texting on her phone—well, she wouldn’t be sitting well for a
while.  Putting your life at risk, is
just something neither of us tolerate, nor should we.”
I just can’t believe she’d do this. She knows how I feel about this.” He
let out an exasperated sigh. “Damn.”
she’s come a long way. Remember that. And she didn’t have the kids in the car.  I know how I’d be feeling.  Take time to relax and get your emotions
under control.”
rolled his eyes.  “Yes,
Preston.  I’m aware of how to control my
emotions.  But I’m pretty sure if this
was Avery, you’d have her in that playroom over the horse or spanking bench
faster than you could say ‘Here, Kitty, Kitty.”   
laughed.  “You’re an ass.  Yes, I’m sure you’re right.  She’d be in her cage for the weekend, that’s
for sure.  And I’m sure that you’ll have
Anne plugged and in orgasm denial for most of the weekend.  That is after you paddle her ass.  I care about her, Garrett.  I had to call.  Tell her we love her. 
I better call mom and see if she’ll take the kids overnight.  Thanks for letting me know, Preston.  I appreciate it.”   
And now he stood over his disobedient slave. The
same slave who’d been on her knees for over an hour now, waiting for him to
arrive home.
knees have to be sore, naughty girl. You’ll be remaining on them for a while
longer though. It’s time for your punishment. First, you’re going to lose your
phone for a month. I’ll get you a prepaid phone for emergencies only. But
tonight, you’ll be receiving the belt for this bit of disobedience. It’s going
to be harsh. You aren’t allowed to put my slave at risk. Do you understand
over here.” He watched her dangling breasts sway and brush against each other
as she made her way toward him. When she stopped at his feet, he leaned over plucking
her nipples into small points, brushing his hands over the pebbled tips. “God,
I love these tits.  Tonight I’m fucking
these, and because you’re such a bad girl, you’ll get to go to bed wanting and
needing.” He continued to brush her nipples, squeezing the plump fullness
feeling the weight of her breasts in his palm.
want you upright on your knees. Eyes on me.” She turned her face up to
him, remorse etched on her face. He knew she didn’t mean to disobey, she just
tended to be impulsive. “Take my belt off.”
He’d never
done this with her before, and she hesitated for just a moment before gripping
his belt, her slender fingers shaking slightly as she slipped the tail of his
belt through the buckle. With a firm grip, she pulled on the buckle end of the
belt letting it slide through the hoops. Pulling the belt off completely, she folded
it over upon itself — slowly and carefully, just as she’d been taught.
She held
it up to him, but he shook his head. “Kiss it please. Then ask me to
punish you with it — in detail.”
Master.” She closed her eyes and lightly brushed a kiss to the soft,
supple leather. Opening her eyes, she handed the belt over to him. “Please
Master, spank my bare bottom with this leather belt until I’m crying. Punish me
until there are welts and I’m truly repentant.”
The tears welling
in her eyes were almost his undoing. He swallowed, taking a few seconds to get
his bearings again, putting on the stern “Dom face.” This was no time to cave
to her tears. She submitted beautifully. So sweet. But sweet or not, he needed
her to know that he was angry with her for jeopardizing her life.  He wouldn’t let this slide.
you, Anne.. I believe I’ll punish you just as you’ve asked. Back on your hands
and knees. Move forward so you’re between my legs.”
She moved
between his legs, as ordered, stopping only when he squeezed his calves
together at her waist. You’ll receive the strap in this position. Just a
warning, though—the brunt of this punishment will land on your sit spot and
He tapped
the belt on her bottom. Raising his arm high, he brought it down hard—harder
than normal—on the crest of her bottom. She shouted through clenched teeth. He
continued to strike her slowly and harshly. “You will not put your life at risk. My slave is important to me. She
matters. You aren’t allowed to put her in jeopardy. Phones are a menace! No
When he
stopped, she was sobbing. She usually fought the tears, stoically holding them
back.  She’d admitted to him in the past
that it made her feel weak when she cried. 
But tonight she’d apparently lost the battle. Her backside felt hot on
his hands. He stroked her scalded bottom, the welts ridged and bumpy against his
smooth palm.
his hands down the curves of her buttocks, he deftly slid a finger though the
seam of her labia. “Oh Missy, you’re absolutely dripping. That little cunt
is so hot.”
wasn’t about her arousal though. He pulled out of her hot sex and continued to
soothe her flesh. “Do you think you’re ready for the rest of your
punishment, girlie?”
Master.” She straightened her back, readying herself for more.
He lifted
the belt again, and this time he focused on a different spot,  working his way from the crest of her bottom
down to mid-thigh. Her hips wiggled frantically and if he hadn’t braced her
tightly between his calves, she would’ve bolted like a scalded cat.
still, bad girl. You’re going to take this punishment. You asked for this. You
purposefully disobeyed your rule. Purposefully ignored your inner voice that
told you stop, didn’t you?”
God! Yes, Master!”
God is right.” He struck over and over, the belt leaving long red marks
upon her flesh. Soon, it was time to stop. She’d been well and truly punished.
won’t use your phone again, will you?”
“No. No,
He scooped
her up, her long legs dangling over his arm, and he carried her to the bed. He
gently laid her down, holding her until she calmed down.
struggled to sit up. “Let me service your cock, Master.”
slave. You’re forgiven, no service is required. You’ll please me most if you
lie down and rest.” He tended to her needs—washing her face, putting
lotion on her bottom, and rocking her until she fell asleep in his arms.
sighed, happy and content.  When Anne was
in his harms he could face anything. 
With his loving wife – and slave – at his feet, the world made
never let you go girl.  He whispered to
his slumbering wife, softly kissing her temple. 
“Not as long as I live.” 

Four months later she was gone.


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