Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah’s Submission by D.H. #BDSM #EroticRomance #SpankingRomance

I have D.H. on my blog today with his new book, Red Bottoms Espresso:  Hannah’s Submission.  He’s brought us a yummy excerpt.  When you’re done reading it, click on the buy links  and get your own copy  It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Also, let me add that he and his wife have a very entertaining blog about their journey in This Thing We Do.  Every time I visit, I get lost for hours.  Click on the link below and have fun!

The large silver espresso machine was situated against the
wall between the two windows.  The man’s mouth opened as he saw her
butt, which was clearly visible through the transparent nylon panties. 
In the bright light of the coffee stand, he could see that her bottom
was bright red – clearly, she’d just had a spanking and was still
suffering the results of it.  He watched it in fascination as she
expertly drew two shots and then frothed milk using the steamer.  She
turned back to him with his cup in hand, and pressed a white lid onto
the top.
Hannah enjoys working as a “bikini barista” at Red Bottoms
Espresso for Daddy, and has quickly become a favorite for many of the
male customers.  She loves the positive attention she receives from the
men who frequent the coffee stand.  One man in particular sets off
flocks of butterflies in her stomach whenever she thinks his name:
Mike.  He’s the only other man to work for Daddy, and helps construct
the buildings Daddy sells to other entrepreneurs in need of the best
custom coffee stands money can buy.  Hannah has never met a man like
Mike, whose sparkling green eyes drew her in when he greeted her.

Hannah has consented to frequent spankings, and she has
tried to please Daddy by being a good girl.  But she has kept a secret
from him, a secret that would surely change his opinion of her, or
worse, get her fired.  She’s done everything she can to hide it, as
revealing the truth would invade a place in her life where no one is
welcome.  Can she surrender this last, precious piece of herself to
Daddy, and accept submission?


And it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited 



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