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Welcome, Saturday Spank fans, Mastering Inga (Service & Submission. Book 2) is done and being formatted!  Soon!  I did a cover reveal yesterday but can’t resist showing it again!!

In addition, for the next few days, Finding Submission (Service & Submission, Book1) is on sale for $0.99

In this snippet four-year-old Madalyn is having a rough morning and Inga turned her mood around has decided to tease Garrett in the process



Wiping the tears from her little cheeks, Madalyn nodded, listening intently as Inga explained a dream about purple bears and unicorns with a magical princess and a castle. In the dream, the princess’ morning had not started well either, and she‘d put on the same exact outfit for the day as Madalyn had — but the rainbow on the front had magical powers to make her happy.
By the end of Inga’s story, Madalyn was practically jumping up and down in her need to tell Inga about her own dream. Liam was enthralled; he’d stopped throwing Cheerios over the high chair, and sat quietly, rapt, his mouth hanging open as he’d listened.
When story time was over, Inga rose from her kitchen chair and walked up to Garrett, putting a hand on his shoulder. “And that, Daddy, is how you distract children. Maybe I need a magical rainbow on my shirt also?”
She winked grabbing a coffee mug from the cupboard.
“Maybe you need a rainbow on your bottom to remind you how to speak to a certain someone in this house. Oh, wait. That’s right. You probably have the beginning of a rainbow on your backside from that belt last night. We’ll have to check on those later.” He quirked an eyebrow at her the hint of a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. “If you continue to be sassy, I might have to add to your magical rainbow too.”

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