R = Rub, Ride, Release or Racoons #SpanksA2Z 12

R = Rub, Ride, Release, or Racoons

I have not planned my posts this week, can you tell?  I bet you can.  I usually do the weeks’ posts on Sunday.  Easy Peasy.  Not this week.  So every night, in a bit of a panic–because I like my ducks in a row and they are NOT in rows this week–I am whipping up a post around 9 pm.

Last night I thought okay, R–Rim Job, Rear end, Rope, Restraints.  But I wasn’t sure I wanted to do those.  So I opened a manuscript of mine that has been sitting on a back burner and looked for something that could fit “R.”  Nothing.  I looked at other archived Blushing books (again).  Nothing.  So I Googled “Sexual words beginning with R.”  The first thing that caught my eye was, “Rub, Ride and Release.”  I screamed in laughter, while my family looked at me with concern.  That’s it!!

Well, except…how?  Do I write something that has all three action verbs in it?  Or find something that has all those in it?  I searched, I looked, I pondered more, I Googled more.

We knew it was going to happen.  I knew one night I would just say, “F&*$% It –I am posting pictures!!”  Today, my friends, is your lucky day.  It is Picture Day!!   And we will be doing it on Rub, Ride, Release and Racoons!  Stop That!!  Not together, that is disgusting!  SMH.

R = Rub

Who doesn’t love a belly rub–or rubbing.  Just a bit to the South please!

Now, a bit North I guess.

R= Ride

No explanation is necessary.  Is it?  I think not.

I love a good double entendre!

R = Release

K, but only because you asked me nicely.

Wow.  Who hasn’t had days like that??  Phew.

R = Racoons

Why, you ask?  Because they are adorable.  Look at that face!

And I have a feeling that all of you are looking at your computer screens like this.  Sorry.  I will try to be more organized tomorrow.

Hopefully our friends in SpanksA2Z blogland were more organized last night than I was.  Please go visit their blogs and have fun!!

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