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R = Retribution

This is for both SpanA2Z and for Who’s Your Daddy Blog Hops.  In this book five couples go on a Little Princess Cruise for Daddies and Littles.  The main characters are Jace and Gabby.  Gabby is the CEO of the family company and Jace reports to her during the day, but at home Jace is Daddy and Gabby follows his lead.

In this excerpt she has just been rude and bullying to an employee during a meeting, seeing Jace’s reaction Gabby knows there’ll be retribution later.

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     Some days the lines blurred and Daddy would whisper into his boss’s ear of earned retribution. Like yesterday, their last day of work before the cruise. She was stressed and concerned that her staff would find it difficult to keep up with the projects in her absence. Jace had warned her to keep her temper under control and to use kind and considerate words toward her employees or she’d earn a punishment.
     They had been in a meeting discussing responsibilities and roles for the next ten days. Scott, one of Gabrielle’s managers, and known to sometimes struggle with a stutter, was briefing the employees on the temporary roles and responsibilities for each staff member during Gabrielle’s absence.  Normally, Scott was able to speak in a fluent manner, but sensing her intensity and need to rush, he started stuttering. She was trying to fill in the rest of his sentences and huffing and puffing in exasperation. At one point Scott paused and took a steadying breath to continue with his rehearsed speech only to have Gabrielle interrupt with “T-t-t-oday, J-j-junior!” causing the table to erupt into laughter while Scott was left red-faced and smiling trying to be a good sport.
     Everyone had laughed. Everyone, that is, except Jace.
     He leaned back in his chair and glared Gabby’s way; he had specifically warned her to be patient in their meeting and to not humiliate Scott during his presentation. Jace had been coaching him during the week and helping him prepare for the meeting, knowing that Scott was concerned that Gabrielle wouldn’t be patient. Jace had drummed his fingers on the armrest of his chair, waiting until Gabby Girl looked his way. When she did, he tapped his belt buckle with his right forefinger.
     Immediately, her face turned crimson. The warning of future discipline was clear and direct, and her blush let him know she understood the threat. Her eyes widened and she cleared her throat as he nodded his head, confirming to her what was coming.
     “Gabrielle,” Jace said, his voice calm, neutral. He could see the panic on her face “I think Scott is almost done with his presentation, if you would like to take a seat or take a break, I’m sure he will be done soon.”
      She immediately sat at the table and said in a quiet, dignified manner, folding her hands in front of her with her back ramrod, “Yes, of course. I’m sorry, Scott. That was rude of me. Please continue. I was just trying to be funny and apologize if I offended you.” She dropped her eyes, the blush rising on her neck and cheeks again as she stared at the oak conference room table.
     Scott, who was used to ribbing about his stuttering, quickly recovered and said, “No offense taken, Gabrielle. I’m almost done. Th-thank you.” He continued with his presentation. However, Gabby and Jace heard not a single word; they were focused on what had just occurred and the impending discipline that would result.
     Jace continued to stare at Gabby until she raised her eyes to his. He could see her swallow and she was playing with her wedding rings, which she did when she was nervous and unsure. When Gabby made eye contact he raised an eyebrow at her and she averted her eyes intently watching Scott continue his presentation. The meeting was adjourned and the staff casually talked, gathering their things to continue their day. As they left, they wished Gabrielle and Jace a safe and fun-filled vacation.
     Jace hung back until all the staff had left, then walked up to Gabrielle who was trying to pour a glass of water from the pitcher on the counter. Her hands were shaking and he knew she was aware of him behind her. He held her elbow and leaned into her ear to whisper, “We discussed this meeting just this morning, didn’t we?”
     “Yes, sir.”
     “Remind me, Gabby, what I said, because I’m not sure after the display I just witnessed that I was clear enough with you. Obviously something was missed in our little conversation.”
     “Uhm… you said that Scott had been preparing for his presentation this week and that I was to be patient. I was to speak words that were kind and uplifting.”
     “Turn around please; I need to see your eyes.” She turned and he could see her struggling to keep eye contact with him. “Why did I have to ask you to do these things today?”
     “Because I haven’t always been kind to Scott in meetings before, sir.”
     “That’s right. You’ve been downright mean to him in meetings. Were you punished that last time you treated Scott poorly?”
     “Yes, sir.”
     “Daddy. I want you to call me Daddy.”
     “But I’m at work, Jace.” He could see fire starting to spark in her eyes.
     “Don’t you dare start getting an attitude with me, missy. We’re in a private setting with no one around. You can speak as low as you want, but you will call me Daddy. The issue we’re discussing requires your submission. Are you going to comply or am I adding to your punishment tonight? You’ll submit one way or another.”
     “I’ll comply—”she looked around the room “—Daddy.”
     “All right. So, were you punished the last time?”
     “Yes, Daddy.”
     “I was spanked with my hairbrush.”
     He brushed her hair off her shoulders and pushed some strands behind her ear. Then he kissed her right at that soft spot behind her ear and whispered to her “Tonight you’re going to receive the belt just like I warned you. If you had listened to what I said, this wouldn’t be happening. Why is it so difficult to control your mouth?”
     “I don’t know, Daddy.” Her eyes filled with tears and he knew that he couldn’t cave. He was a sucker for her tears, but he had to be strict with this. She had to learn how to curb her tongue or she was going to lose valuable friendships and respect.
     “Well, Gabby Girl, you’ll have a sore bottom to help you remember. Do you think you can behave for the rest of the day, or should I give you a reminder before I leave for my office?”
     “No, Daddy, I’ll be good.”
     “You better be.” He looked around and then patted her bottom as a warning, winking at her as he made his departure from the conference room.

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