Public Punishment — #SatSpanks #BDSM #Spanking 10

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  My new book is at the publishers waiting for a cover!!  It is a DD/lg cruise.  This week there is a public punishment on the pool deck.   

Jace mouthed “move” to her, and she immediately hooked her thumbs into the side of her bikini bottoms and pushed them down until they too puddled at her feet. She took her toe and pushed them aside clasping her hands behind her head as ordered. She took a cursory glance out of her peripheral vision, and saw all the women standing in the same manner.  She noticed that all of them had their pussies shaved, but Lilly had a little tattoo on one of her pussy lips, she couldn’t see it from this distance, but it may have been a word or symbol.  When Gabby looked back at the Daddies, they were all looking at their wives pussies and their pants had obvious bulging or tenting occurring, including the Captain.
It was at times like this that Gabby thought about her father. Her father who trained her to be his business partner, who told her that she was to never buckle under a man, that she was a strong, independent woman and that she should hold every man’s balls in the palm of her hand.  Her father– who adored her and who she could manipulate to do her will just by shedding a tear or two—would die if he could see her standing in front of her husband, whom she called Daddy, allowing him to spank her with paddles, hairbrushes, canes, and belts.

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