Pretty When You Cry by Keith Anderson #BDSM

Today we have Keith Anderson visiting us In the Den, he’s a new author to spanking romance, but he’s not someone who’s new to the BDSM community. I’ve had the pleasure of starting his book this week and am not disappointed!  It’s so HOT! If you haven’t purchased this book, go to the links at the bottom of this blog post and purchase your copy today you will not be disappointed.  And the timing is perfect, Pretty When You Cry is only $.99  So don’t waste any time, get your copy before the sale runs out.


Keith Anderson has been involved in BDSM since 2000 and he has been involved in his local BDSM community since 2009.   In
his first anthology of short stories, Keith Anderson uses his creative,
inventive and sexy descriptive writing style to explore territories and
fantasies not for the timid. With six short stories like ‘The Game’,
‘Downhill From Here’ and ‘All You Ever Wanted’, plus a special sneak
preview of the first chapter from his upcoming novel, “Kinky in
Flatland’, Keith wades into the hot waters of BDSM, spanking and erotic
romance. An anthology that’s sure to please and yet leave you wanting
more, ‘Pretty When You Cry’ will be sure to excite your passions and
maybe give you a few new things to think about when you go into the
hardware section of Wal-Mart. Just sayin’.

from the short story “Instruments”, included in my anthology, “Pretty When You Cry”

Another drop of water
fell on Sara’s head. She could feel it slowly work its way across her scalp,
but it didn’t get absorbed by her long red hair, already wet with sweat. The
drop made it to her forehead where it gathered with the moisture already there,
hastening its speed, working its way down her cute button nose, before finally
dripping onto the red ball gag she was firmly biting. The gag parted her full
red lips wide, making sure grunts and moans were the only noises coming from
her mouth.

Her wrists were
restrained by leather cuffs to the two upper points of a St. Andrew’s Cross in
Jax’s basement. The basement smelled of dust and the musky incense that was
burning. Jax was not her Dom, but one her Master knew well. Tonight, he allowed
Jax to play with her while he was out of town.

Sara had played with Jax
before, but always in the company of her Master. She remembered his rough and
strong hands spanking her ass. The soft caresses and then sudden strikes
against her ass cheeks, leaving sharp reminders where the pleasure had been.
The mixture was intoxicating. This was the first time she had been alone with
Jax and that vulnerability made her heart race. Tall and broad shouldered, Jax
had an assured confidence and moved like it. Tonight he was shirtless. He
looked so very powerful, his chest wide and muscular. He had arranged his
dungeon furniture carefully in his basement and knowing him, this leak above
the cross was no accident. He probably saw it and instead of fixing it,
deliberately put the cross underneath the leak, using the environment to his
best evil advantage. A single light bulb lit the area, leaving corners dark and
shadows looming, they would sometimes swing when the light bulb would get
knocked to and fro.

On the cross, she faced
the wall. Jax had to adjust the restraints very small for her dainty wrists,
which matched her delicate beauty. He started softly. The leather falls from
the flogger landed on her back, echoing through her body, and lightly to her
clit. She squirmed a little as it became more intense, her breath deepening as
she dealt with the moisture between her legs. He always read her well, allowing
her to ride the edge between pain and pleasure. The flogger slapped her upper
slender back, the tails caressing down her waist to full seductive hips. Again
and again, still a massage and but growing harder, until they striped her back.
That was when the sweat really started, with each flogger strike standing her
up on tip toes to deal with the hurt and process the ecstasy thrilling through
her body.

He timed the hits well,
allowing for the pain and bliss to mingle just in time for the next one to
land. In between sets, he stood behind her and grazed her back and her swollen
red welts with his chest hair, his hard denim crotch rubbed roughly against her
naked ass. Sometimes he’d nuzzle her ivory neck, nibbling, gentle bites turning
harsher as time wore on.

Her knees buckled as she
felt his teeth mark her shoulders. Sara felt relief at first when he whispered
in her ear, “I’m done with your back, pet.” Her body instinctively
tense again when he continued, “Now on to this wonderful ass of

She heard him pick up a
paddle from a nearby side table. From its deep sharp sound, it sounded wooden
and thick. He started slowly with it, patting each ass cheek. He took advantage
of the endorphins running through her body, his swats started coming harder and
faster. The swats would shake through her ass and meet at her clit, she felt
her pussy getting so wet, so hot and very hungry. Her breaths became jagged
pants and her lovely heart-shaped ass was getting hot to the touch of the cool
hard paddle. He would rest the paddle against it, alternating between soft and
very hard swats, each greeted by muffled grunts and squeals.

She heard the him lay
the paddle on the table and he disconnected the restraints from the points on
the cross and slowly turned her around and reattached them, so she was facing
out from the cross. Her ass now resting against the cool wood. She found it
hard to keep her head upright, but she could see that Jax was looking her up
and down in a very hungry way. He picked up a flogger from the nearby table. It
had short red and black falls that looked to be made of soft thick leather, and
a black handle.

came up close to her and traced the falls around her breasts. They tickled as
they brushed by and made her nipples harden. Her breasts heaved with every deep
breath. He began to flick the flogger softly at her breasts, hitting a nipple
every so often. Sara let her head fall forward and then back as she arched to
catch most of his hits. Her green eyes rolled up. Mostly, she kept them closed
and concentrated on the sensation—the harder flogger strikes against her
breasts making her knees come together.



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