Preston Watches Avery Masturbate 28

This is another snippet from Preston and Avery (the title will be changed soon), my upcoming first D/s book.   In this scene, Avery was spanked the night before with a wooden spoon and a short and quick wake up spanking this morning.  She has been given a list of rooms to clean.  Unbeknownst to her, Preston is watching her on his work computer with surveillance cameras he had installed in the house.  This is from Preston’s POV as he watches Avery. 

What in the name of Hell is she doing?
Preston leaned forward at his desk to look closer and open the smaller pane into a full window.   Miss Avery Rose was standing with her pants and panties pulled down looking at her bottom in the mirror–that beautiful, round bottom was still pink and there were some definite spoon bruises on her bottom.   Preston felt a twinge of guilt; he hated when he left marks.  She was rubbing, taking her fingers and pressing on the bruises. 
Why did that turn him on?
 He found himself aroused watching her with her pants at half mast and …. What is that?   Smiling.  She’s smiling at the marks on her bottom
 Did women delight in that?   Well, Avery definitely did.
 She was taking her hand and lining it up with the outline of his fingers on her hips from her short but hard spanking this morning.   She whistled as she pressed on the bruises–and there it was again, a smile.
Taking her pants and panties off Avery then walked naked from the waist down to the bed lying on her back with her legs widely spread and started to masturbate.

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