Poor Bad Little Becca! #SatSpanks #BDSM 8

Welcome fellow Spankos–it’s Saturday Spanks AND Summer Spanks! 
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In this scene from Becca has misbehaved and Daddy Jace asked for permission to punish her in the Captain’s Dining Room.  Becca has just been spanked in front of everyone in the dining room. 
               Daddy Jace didn’t give her time to wallow in self pity, or for that matter to even recuperate.   He pulled the hem of her dress up and tucked it into the neckline of her dress pulling her into a standing position between his knees, taking a napkin and wiping her face.  Gabby felt bad for her standing there with her bright red bottom on display for everyone to see.  She tried once already to cover her behind and Jace dropped his chin and said in his deep voice, “Hands at your side.  I won’t say it again.  Understood?”
               A little sob escaped from Becca and she nodded saying “Yes, sir.”
               “Okay, let’s continue with your punishment.  I want you to raise your voice and tell everyone here who’s looking at it, why you have such a red, little bare bottom,”  Jace patted her hip reminding her how close his hand was to her bottom still. 
               Becca’s lip was quivering tears still coming unbidden down her face, reaching up Jace wiped her tears, saying “Poor, bad little Becca–Now behave and say what you need to say and this bad day will be over okay, baby.”
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