Painting Your Bottom #SatSpanks 18

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  I have been missing for about three weeks, doing final edits for my manuscript which I am hoping (fingers crossed) will be out in three to four weeks.  This is an age play book about two married couples, Michael and Meggie Mine and Brad and Miss Molly who practice domestic discipline in the role of Daddy/little.  

Meggie and Molly have just gotten into some trouble in the playroom and Daddy Brad is trying to find out what Miss Molly was thinking. 

Brad looked at Molly, glared was probably a better term, and said, “Miss Molly, can you even put into words what possessed you or should I say what left your head that made this idea seem like it made sense?  Better yet, did you even think of the consequences of doing this?”
“Well, yes, as a matter of fact I did think this through.  Would you like to hear it or have you already decided you like your answer better?”  Molly said whipping way too much attitude. 
“Little girl, if you are looking for a really hard, bare-bottom spanking, continue using that attitude and sass me one more time.  I have a paint stirrer that would do a lovely job of painting your bottom.”  He paused and stared at her quietly.  Too quietly. 
“So you tell me—and tell me in a contrite and humble tone of voice or we go straight to paddling—what were you thinking in this room this morning.”


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