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Bailey’s Little Adventure by Summer Graystone

Hi Megan! Thank you so much for
hosting me today! 
I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest book – Bailey’s Little Adventure. This is an
age play story which is actually part of the Little Haven Collection released
last month. You can find more about that collection here
on my blog.
The snippet I’m going to share with you is a fun one that
shows what happens when you spend all day on Facebook and don’t get chores
 “It’s time for your punishment then. You know
what to do.”
With something like
relief, I went through the ritual of moving to the side, kneeling down, and
laying myself across his knees. It was always the same, and it set off the same
anticipation inside me. And the same sense of safety. This was what I wanted,
and this was how it was supposed to be.
When I had settled
across his knees, he set one hand on my back, the other on my ass. I wiggled
against him, feeling his cock pressing against my side. It seemed impossibly
hard and hot, and it excited me to know I could make him feel this way.
The first hit was
hard, and I winced at the sting. My skin was already tingling and this smack
lit me up in a way I’d never experienced before. It was still confusing, but
being spanked like this was familiar and comforting.
The next smack made
me cry out, the pain sharp and intense. Then he rubbed his hand over me,
caressing me for a moment.
“You know you’re my
little girl, Bailey. And you need to be punished when you misbehave, don’t you?”
His voice was low, just as soothing as the hand rubbing my ass.
Before I could
answer, he spanked me again, and my answer turned into a gasp. As he gently
rubbed my skin, I squirmed as the pain subsided from sharp and stinging into
something warm and delicious—like caramel topping on ice cream, thick and
sweet, running down over the cool treat.
The heat sank through
me, like it always did, pooling between my legs. Instantly I was wet and as
much as I wanted the spanking to continue, I was ready for what would come
But Ian’s hand came
down on me again, quickly followed by another slap, and another. My cries went
from gasps and moans of pleasure, to tears and cries. This hurt, it stung, and
my tender skin felt like it was on fire. I gritted my teeth, hands clenched in
fists, enduring each slap.
“Daddy, please.” I
turned, looking up into his eyes. Ian blinked down at me, his hand resting on
the burning skin of my ass.
“You lied, Bailey.
You know the punishment for lying is this, right?”
I nodded. “Yes, daddy.”
His hand moved in a
circle over my ass now, and I thought he was done with the punishment. But then
I froze. I wasn’t allowed to ask him to stop. Tears sprung up again, and I
looked back to his face.
“I’m sorry… I forgot…”
I sniffled. “It won’t happen again.”
“You’re right. It won’t.”
His hand came down once more and I burst into tears. “I’m your daddy, Bailey,
and I know what’s best for you. I take care of you, don’t I?”
I nodded, sniffling
again. “Yes, daddy.”
Beyond the pain, as
always, was relief. The tears washed away the adult stress of my day, leaving
me clean and free, allowing me space to be the Bailey I wanted to be.
“I’m sorry, daddy. I
promise to be a good girl.” I wiggled in his lap, just a little, testing him. Beneath
me his thighs tensed, his hips rolling up slightly. It was okay; things would
be okay now.
His hand moved lower
down, fingers slipping into the cleft of my ass. I wiggled harder, but his
fingers stopped. This was what Ian needed: control. Too much independence from
me, and he felt lost. I struggled to lie still.
“Good girl.” His voice was a low
murmur, and his fingers moved again, sliding further, teasing the edge of my
Well! If you want to know what
happens then you have to pick up a copy of the book right? Check out the full
blurb below!
though she is an adult with a full-time job, Bailey loves role-playing as
daddy’s naughty little girl. Nothing is more fun than dressing like a teen and
teasing her husband, who is always ready to punish her properly before
pleasuring her more than she would have thought possible. When she discovers
that he would like to tie her up so that she is completely vulnerable and at
his mercy, she trusts him to keep her safe, even when he pushes her past her
comfort zone.
Bailey’s perfectionism makes her insecure about their relationship, and when
she makes a mistake that disappoints her daddy she panics and wonders if she
could lose him forever. Can he prove to Bailey that even when things get really
hard, he will always be there for his little girl with the love, guidance, and
discipline she needs?
Note: Bailey’s Little Adventure
contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If
such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. This book is also
available as part of a five-book collection entitled Little Haven.

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