Office Punishment – Cardinal Sinner (Divine Domination Book 2)

We’re within days of Cardinal Sinner being released and into your hands!!  Until then, I have an excerpt for you to read.  A bit of a tease:)  I’ll post the rest of the excerpt before the book is released–promise.


Eliska’s eyes skittered to her office mates.  No one was watching her, but she felt eyes upon her.  It was hard enough dealing with this without her imagination giving her trouble.

With a small push of her foot, she spun her chair a hundred and eighty degrees to find the source of her paranoia.


Lurking in the long hallway outside of the Cardinal’s administrative offices was her friend…her lover…her Dom.  Pulling out his phone, his fingers began to tap on the flat screen. Her phone vibrated in the pocket of her skirt.  Slipping it out, she looked over her shoulder to be sure her friends were still busy before opening the text screen.

<Petr>:  Are you wet?

She shuttered her eyes briefly.

Why, dear Lord, did I have to fall in love with someone so fucking devious?

Her face heated with her blush, and she had no doubt it colored not only her face but her chest as well.  When she’d come back to the office from a lunchtime tryst with Petr in the grottos, he’d made her take off her panties in the bathroom, asking that she send not only a picture of her panties in her hand but her bare pussy.  He’d required that she spend the rest of the afternoon sitting on her well spanked, bare bottom, and her cunt dripping with his seed.

<Eliska>:  Yes, Sir.

<Petr>:  You were worried about leaving a dark, damp stain on your blue skirt.  Stand up.  Turn around and let me check if it’s drenched with your juices.

<Eliska>:  That’s not necessary.  I’m…I’ve decided to sit on the chair’s upholstery, so I wouldn’t have to risk it.

Her phone didn’t vibrate immediately.  She looked up to see his eyebrows furrowed, the tic in his jaw present.  Her heart galloped in her chest.

<Petr>:  I didn’t ask. Stand up. Turn around. Now

Even though she knew better than to question him, the humiliation of this morning had taken its toll on her, as evidenced by her poor judgment in defying him—even if it was only briefly, it was a lapse in her thinking nonetheless.

She slowly stood, warming inside at the bright smile he directed her way along with the slight nod of his head.  His approval filled her with pride—every time.  Not as much as saying good girl, but it was close.  Turning, she fiddled with some files on her side desk, hoping no one would even begin to guess the actual reason for facing her ass to the doorway.

<Petr>: Your plan may have gone awry; your skirt is soaked.

<Eliska>:  OMG, are you serious?  She quickly sat down, hiding her shame.

Lifting her head, she stared wide-eyed at him, her breath quickening along with her pulse rate.  She needed to get out of there.  Go home and change…somehow.

<Petr>:  No, I’m not serious.  I was teasing you.  Your skirt is fine.  I do, however, wish I could see your ass and determine for myself if it’s still red or fading to a beautiful pink.

<Eliska>:  Petr!  How dare you!  You had me upset over here.  Not funny!

<Petr>:  Watch your tone, little girl.  Now, excuse yourself and come to my office.

She leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms over her chest.  Her temper was something she’d struggled with most of her life, and it was the main reason Petr called her malý drak—little dragon in Czech, but lately, she seemed almost unable to control it.  Or so it seemed.  Petr, of course, had sworn with a belt or paddle applied to her bare ass that he’d teach her how to restrain herself.  It didn’t matter to him what the circumstances were or what may have upset her.  Her decorum was of utmost importance to him.

Her phone vibrated twice but she refused to look at it, sullenly glaring at him, her lips pouting.

Petr’s eyes narrowed, turning as dark as his hair, his lips thinning.  He tapped the phone in a silent command for her to look at her own phone.

She shook her head.  Probably a bad move on her part—no, more than probably—but the dragon had been poked and there was no backing down now.

“Ladies.”  She jumped, sitting up straighter.  He’d walked into the room in his black robe, swaying the fringe at the hem of his red sash, fluttering along with his hurried movement.  “I need to meet with Eliska for a moment. Is the timing okay, or do you need her to stay?”

Damn him!

Bernadette spoke first.  “Oh, no, Cardinal Novak, she can meet with you.”

Eliska and Petr said thank you in unison.  She stood, grabbing her pad of paper, a pen, and her purse before quickly following the black blur of material down the hallway.

He swung the door open to his office, letting her enter first, but grabbing her upper arm as she passed the threshold, keeping her close.  He firmly shut the door, locking the mechanism above the doorknob before placing several hard swats to her already sore backside.

“When I tell you to do something, having a temper tantrum instead isn’t an option!”

The force with which he spanked her had her dancing on her tiptoes, struggling to keep quiet.  She desperately hoped that no one heard the smarting smacks.  Even though she knew the offices were all sound proofed, it was a concern.

“In the corner.”  Covered in black silk with the wrists adorned with five red silk-covered buttons, his long arm pointed toward her corner.  She walked with mincing steps to her dreaded space, her heart sinking with his displeasure.  It bothered her when he was irritated, and even though to the casual observer it may not seem that she needed his approval, she actually hungered for it.

Eliska shuffled into place, bending at the waist, resting her forehead against the seam before lifting her flowing blue skirt above her waist, gathering the material and leaving it piled on her back, exposing her throbbing buttocks towards his desk.

To Be Continued

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