His Obedient Pet – Sneak Peek into A Baby for Pra’kir

I’ve finished A Baby for Pra’kir (Captives of Pra’kir, Book 6).  I’ll be sending it to the editor tonight, and to my ARC list this week.  If you’re interested in being on my ARC list, send me a request and your Kindle email address at MeganMichaels021@gmail.com.

If you want to catch up on the book — you can read The Alien’s Mark by clicking HERE

Here’s a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) snippet (there has only been light editing, so be kind:).  I hope you enjoy it <3


He fed her more of his semen until her face was fairly clean. “Tilt your head back, baby.”  He gently washed her face, kissing her lightly on the nose. With a wave, he turned on the showerhead behind him, washing up while his obedient pet knelt watching, her arms crossed behind her back, leaving her breasts jutting forward.

Life was good…better than expected.

He needed to get them out of there and get dressed, his already hardened cock bobbed before him, and his mischievous little girl couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“We’ve no time for that…Come let’s go see our baby.”

She hurriedly leaped to her feet, scaring him half to death. His arm shot out to grab her just in case. “I’m fine. I’m not going to fall.”

“I’m just cautious.”   He walked her to the counter, bending her over. “We’re putting your tail in as a reminder. It should help you behave.”

“Ohhhhhh.” She whined quietly. Learning to keep her complaints to a minimum and only murmur them quietly had come with many, many disciplinary sessions. His girl like nothing more than voicing her displeasure or trying to sway him with whining or sassiness, but with persistence she learned to restrain herself. The progress was painfully slow, more for her than for him, but there were many days that his heart ached knowing she felt like the bad girl and wondered if he cared or had concern for her at all.

It was at those times that he would cuddle with her before the fire, stroking her pale, soft skin, and brushing her hair weaving stories and tales of his childhood and antics, allowing her a glimpse of him and his lifestyle.

He wasn’t an easy master—and never would be. But she’d learn that obedience and service were rewarded.

The plug on the long white tail wasn’t big and required no lube, especially since she was wet already from their shower. Her backside was still pink from both the hot water and her spanking, his finger prints were clearly visible on the outlier of her inflamed flesh. He spread her cheeks, popping the plug into the tight whorl, the length of the tail brushing against her thighs.

His penis was fully erect. Damn, it seemed he spent most of his days hard anymore.  Thanks be to the Gods of Na that he was able to wear his uniform, keeping it hidden.

“We’ll put your collar on too.”  He snapped it around her neck, the kitty bell jingling pleasantly. “It’ll keep that sassy tongue in check.”

He swiveled her in his arms, kissing her soft, plump lips, marveling in their sensuality.  “Let me get ready.”

His girl turned to leave the room, but he jerked her back a tug on her hair. He kept his hand fisted in the wet curls, leaning in he made his voice rumble into her ear.  “How does my pet ambulate?”

She swallowed loudly, her eyes wide, and quietly whispered. “On the floor, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Don’t let it happen again.”  Releasing her hair, he watched her gracefully slide to the floor, resting on her hands and knees, her long white tail resting on the back of her knees.  “I see I made the correct decision on your tail. If you’re not careful, you’ll be getting spanked and pissing outside today, girl. Mind your manners, or I’ll mind them for you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Her breasts jostled when he cracked a heavy slap to her backside before he strode into their bedroom and without another touch or direction, she kept herself aligned with him, heeling perfectly.

Who said hard work doesn’t pay off? 

I hope you enjoyed it– and I’m hoping to have this book released soon!  I’ll be posting more excerpts as we get closer.   Until then feel free to enjoy the book that will give you some background on Xan and Blythe– and while you’re there click on the other books in the series they’re all AWESOME!!

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