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N = Nightie
I have always had a fascination with nighties but in particular–nighties and spankings.  I don’t know where this started.  Was it nursery rhymes?  Was it children’s bedtime stories?  Then while pondering this, I remembered a friend I had as a child, when I would spend the night at her house they had to take their panties off before going to bed.  “No panties allowed,” she would say.  I was told that I could NOT wear mine to bed, I had to follow their rules.  I am sure, looking back that her parents would not have cared if I, as a guest, was wearing my panties under my nightie.  But she told me that they had to wear no panties so if they misbehaved their daddy could just lift their nightie to give them a spanking on their bare bottom before they went to sleep.   I remember being petrified of this and yet totally fascinated with the thought of them getting spanked on their bare bottoms with the nightie being lifted and the possibility that my bottom could be spanked also. 
The other fascination that goes with the nightie with no panties on underneath is being called into a den/study/office for a bedtime spanking.  How many stories, TV shows or movies have the naughty child called to the den in her nightie for her “discussion” with Daddy—her bedtime spanking. The naughty girl being told by Daddy to stand in the corner with her nightie raised, so her bare bottom was exposed and then after the spanking she would be ordered to stand in the corner to think with her red bottom exposed and that same nightie pulled up. 

  Even as an adult when I put a nightie on, with no panties of course, there is a delicious naughtiness that I love about it.  Am I the only one to feel this?  Is this why women love lingerie?  It is why I love lingerie.  I know my husband loves sliding his hands up a nightie to find a bare bottom, I think they see it as naughty as we do.
To go with that fantasy, I decided to play around with the concept and wrote a little snippet.
Charlie had been sent to her room to put on a nightie and was ordered to “be quick about it”; she was going to receive a bedtime spanking in the den by her Daddy for skipping her college classes.  She still didn’t understand why Professor Brown had called her father about her absences; it went against all the privacy rules.  However, her father had informed her, after he gave her a good hard swat to her jean clad bottom for being sassy, that they were college friends and they had a “gentleman’s agreement” about her grades and attendance at the college.  So she would be receiving a punishment on her bare bottom at 22 years old. 
Charlie knocked on the heavy cherry door and heard her father say “enter.”  Upon entering the den, her father was sitting with at his desk with his shirt sleeves rolled up his forearms and he was tapping his fingers on the arm of his chair.  He said, “Shut the door, please.”
After shutting the door, Charlie stood obediently in front of the desk, playing with her chestnut brown hair and twirling it with a finger nervously.  She suddenly felt very cold standing in her pretty, white flannel nightie with petite teal flowers.  The air that wafted up her nightie made her legs shake in nervous anticipation.  She could feel the shaking in her legs spread to her stomach and the nerves in her bottom tingled in forewarning causing her bottom to clench and unclench. 
“I will not tolerate you wasting my money or your education.  Both are important and skipping class is a show of total disrespect.  As you know, disrespect has never been tolerated.  You will be punished tonight with grandpa’s ruler on your bare bottom.  Maybe then you will make better choices.  What do you have to say for yourself?”
“Daddy, I’m sorry.   I am doing well in that class and I just thought I could do homework once a week for my other classes.  But, I guess, I wasn’t planning well.”    She dropped her head to stare at the floor, it was hard to look him in the eye when he was so stern and especially when she had a spanking coming. Her eyes dropped to stare at his arms and hands.   His forearms were muscled and strong and he had big hands that had calluses on them from working with them every day.  Those hands frightened her at times like this.
 “I’m sorry I skipped classes, Daddy, and I know I deserve to be punished.  But, it’s just…do I…does it have to be…can I just be grounded?”
“No.  By virtue of how you asked the question, the answer is no.  Did you hear yourself?  You can’t even say the word “spanking.”  That is why it works for you and that is why I have chosen it.  It embarrasses you and, therefore, will be memorable.  So the answer is no, it isn’t going to be a grounding.  You will be spanked and you will be spanked on your bare bottom.  Now, go stand in the corner, holding your nightie up at your waist and think about how you are going to be over my knee getting that bare bottom paddled for skipping class.”
Charlie felt the tears well up in her eyes, nodding her head she turned to walk toward the corner.  As she started to walk away, her father gave her bottom a hard swat and he said, “You will stand in the corner feeling the burn of that swat knowing you have many more to come.” 
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