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N = Nestling
gerund or present participle: nestling
settle or lie comfortably within or against something.

“the baby deer nestled in her arms”

synonyms: snuggle, cuddle, huddle, nuzzle, settle, burrow

“the little ones nestled under the cozy quilt with their mother”

Sitting on a kneeler in our pew at church around the age of four, I remember looking at a girl about my age sleeping in her father’s arms with her nose in his neck. I remember watching and staring for a long time. I felt sad wishing that I had a Daddy like that. As stated earlier in SpankA2Z, my alcoholic, gambling stepfather was abusive and definitely not someone you cuddled or nestled with.  I thought it must be amazing to sleep with your nose in your father’s neck.  I just couldn’t imagine anything nicer than smelling a Daddy and feeling safe, warm and…..loved.


My husband loves cuddling.  If he could get paid to cuddle, he wouldn’t hesitate I’m sure.  I think he’s finally filled that void in me–it took over twenty five years. It’s an ache that goes soul deep. I never had to beg to be cuddled, he loved it and needed it as much as I did apparently.  

I loved watching him cuddle with our kids.  There were many days it brought me to tears to think how blessed my children were. In particular, I knew my daughter would never have that ache to be held by a man–she wouldn’t be looking for it in a “daddy figure” or fall prey to needing to be held vs. really being loved.  Women who don’t have cuddling and nestling as a child, look for it many destructive ways and patterns.

One off the many benefits of D/s and DD, is aftercare. It’s the guarantee that after discipline or a session, there is a time of aftercare.  Someone to hold you, caress you, cuddle you, and let you nestle into their chest and neck. There’s a sweetness to nestling your nose into a man’s neck, feeling the stubble on your nose, smelling sweat, soap, cologne, and the scent of a man.
After a bad day when you’re emotionally spent and physically drained, there’s nothing nicer than curling under his arm and listening to his slow and steady heartbeat under your ear, smelling his unique scent mixed with Tide and Downey from his shirt.  His hand stroking your back, rubbing your hair until you hit that funny place between being awake and asleep.  I’ve been told that quietly holding his woman centers a man like nothing else, just feeling her in his arms calms him, redefining life’s problems and issues. 
One of the new rules instituted in the past year (I seem to be doling out my rules one-by-one have you noticed 🙂 No clothes in bed. As any of you know with kids, sleeping naked goes away real fast when you have little unexpected visitors or middle of the night “Mommy” calls. He gave me a reprieve this winter because it’s just so damn cold in the house.  But as soon as Spring hit, the rule came back full swing.  So cuddling has become mandatory again, because I’d freeze otherwise.  It’s the main reason he’s made the rule–cuddling. 
So go nestle with someone–your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, pet, etc. 

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5 thoughts on “N = Nestling #SpankA2Z #Romance #SpankingRomance #Cuddling #Aftercare

  • Tabitha Black

    Oh my goodness, this just resonates with me on SO many levels. The photos are all gorgeous but it was the writing surrounding them which made me tear up. To this day I get that ache when I see little girls being cuddled by their daddy… and I still don't have kids of my own yet because I want to make absolutely 100% certain that the father of MY children will cuddle them. Loads. Especially if they're a girl.
    As I was reading this, my Sir peeked over my shoulder and asked me to compliment you on his behalf as well – he really enjoyed reading what you wrote and agrees with it all.
    Absolutely beautiful post, thank you for sharing. x

    • Megan Michaels

      Oh, Tabitha. You made ME cry this time. And to have your Sir compliment me, just made me cry harder. Thank you, both of you. It's such a hard thing to be a little girl without cuddles and affirmation, and I'm telling you, you will NOT be sorry you waited. I waited a long time for the "perfect" man to come along. He's such a great daddy and my daughter has turned out to be a woman of substance, who knows a douche when she sees him and has no problem walking away. It's a great feeling to know that her bucket has been filled and no other man has to fill it for her. The father of your children will be worth waiting for…..