My New Blog & WIP It Up Wednesday! 2


This is my new blog! And I have Kathy Raymond to thank for helping me do it. She did an awesome job and I highly recommend hiring her.  Feel free to roam around and click on things–it’s still in progress in some areas.

I’m hoping to release Colorado Christmas next week.  I’m giving you another sneak peek into the book and will do a cover reveal over the weekend.

“Caroleena, you are late always. We would never be on time if I trusted you. I did what is best for us and for trip. Stop fighting me and come.” He hauled her to the bedroom. The air felt cool on her drenched hair and body, her nipples tightening against the chill. He paused for a moment to pull her breast into his mouth, laving the hard nub with his moist, warm tongue, warming the goose flesh on the areolas.

Pulling away, her breasts aching for more, he pointed to a long plush, white bath towel draped over a stack of pillows in the center of the bed, a stark contrast to the deep navy bedspread. “Lie over the pillows, Caro.”

“Maxim, please, do we have to do this? Now?” She turned looking at the clock on the nightstand, frowning at him. “I can’t believe you lied to me.”

He chuckled the deep laugh rumbling in his chest. “I didn’t lie. I just manipulated the situation—a bit.”

“Do I get to say that when I lie to you?” She put her hand on her hips, water still dripping down her arms and back.

“You better not even think of hanging noodles on my ears. But if you want hard spanking, go ahead.” He winked at her waving at the towel again.

She furrowed her eyebrows, “‘hanging noodles on your ears?'”

“Yes, it mean lying, as you say here ‘pulling my leg.’ You won’t do that.'” He shook a finger at her. “On the damn bed, Caro.”

She shook her head, his sayings boggled her mind many days. The terrycloth fabric felt rough against her wet, sensitive skin. Although the heat had been on for months in New York, she still felt chilled naked and wet on the towel. “Am i being punished?”

“No, girl. This is to keep your ass hot and remind you to behave. No nasty words to me or others and to be kind and courteous.” He tapped her bottom with the riding crop. “You behave best when your backside is red.”

“But I don’t want to sit on a sore butt on the plane.”

“No one asked if you wanted it. I told you that you would receive it, yes?” She could refuse. She always had the option to refuse, and he’d listen.

She signed. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. We get some of this water off your little ass.” He snapped the crop hard and fast, all the strikes hitting the underside of her cheeks. Unable to contain her legs, they fluttered on the bed, trying in vain to ease the sting, the tendrils of pain snaking down her legs.


As I said, I’ll share a bit more this weekend and my gorgeous cover!  Make sure you visit the other bloggers listed below 🙂

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