My Top 10 (Part 1) Spanking Romance/BDSM and Fiction/Historical Fiction Books 7

I have been gathering a list of my favorite books for a couple months and decided to finally post it.  I broke it into
two different categories.  Initially, I had twenty-five Spanking Romance/BDSM books and eight Fiction/Historical Fiction.  I’ve decided to cut that list down and make three posts in total.   So this has become my Top 8 Spanking Romance/BDSM and my Top 2 Fiction/Historical Fiction. There is a brief description and I explain why it was my favorite.

I started listing them in ultimate favorite order–but that quickly deteriorated.  These are totally random in terms of favorites.To make life easier, here are the links to Part 2 and Part 3 

  • Unrestrained by Joey W. Hill  This was my first Joey W. Hill book recommended by Cherise Sinclair.  It is absolutely amazing!   This book is about a Navy SEAL who falls in love with a woman who was a Domme to her now deceased husband.  She decides after meeting the Navy SEAL that she wants to try being a submissive to this strong, dominant man.  The sex and spankings are just completely off the chart.   Nobody  has an imagination like Joey W. Hill.  (I’m now listening to her Audible versions of Knights   of the Boardroom series–again, breathtaking!!)
  • The Session by Alexis Masters  I originally got this book through Blushing Books in 2009, I can’t find a link for this book anywhere. Update:  A reader contacted me and this book is at Blushing under Colleen Singer (another pen name) and can be found by clicking here.   But it’s the BEST spanking/BDSM book IMO–a dub-con with a professional disciplinarian who falls for a  woman who makes an appointment for a session.  She becomes afraid and tries to leave, but not before he questions her in depth and gives her a good spanking for her mouthiness, stubbornness, and defiance. They meet again, orchestrated by his boss, and have another session. This book is so good.
  • 1883 by Reesa Roberts–western, dub-con book about a woman pretending to be a boy to move west. Everyone on her wagon gets killed and she’s found by three brothers who take her home to live with them and their parents.  In the process of getting switched by the older brother for taking their horse without permission, they discover she’s a woman.  Another go-to book.
  • Land of Khys Series  by Nattie Jones  This series is spectacular!!   I’ve read it easily five times.  Who doesn’t love strong, sassy, independent women with fire who become tamed by the Dragon Masters in the Land Khys.  The similarities of taming a fiery woman and a dragon by the Masters is reinforced beautifully and often.  Very stern, alpha, dominant, huge men who train and fly on dragons and train the women in their lives to submit.
    Awesome spankings and domination scenes.
  • Rod of Correction by Carolyn Faulkner   Sunny loses a bet in a poker game with Rod and, therefore she has to submit to him for a whole weekend.  Classic dub-con at its best.  This book has some of the hottest spankings, enemas, sex, and humiliations scenes around.  Sooooooo hot.
  • Pets Series by Darla Phelps (Maren Smith) (And check out Daddy’s Girl while you’re there!)  I’ve read this series easily three times and it pushes every single button I have.  There’s an element of age play, stern discipline, anal play, and humiliation.  And if you love animals you’ll never bring them for a walk or the pet store or care for them without thinking of this book.
  • Masters of the Castle by Maren Smith.  Maren Smith has created a wonderful world in the Masters of the Castle series.  Every book focuses on a different Master and his new love and all the different
    aspects of BDSM are included in the series. As we expect with Maren, it is HOT as hell.  Every single one!


  • Pillars of the Earth by Kenneth Follett  This book took my whole summer one year and when it was over, I literally cried.  I was lost. I had fallen in love with the characters and dreamt of them every night.  It’s romantic, religious, and political.  Tom, the builder, wants to build a cathedral.  It’s a story of his life, his children, the church, cardinals, popes, kings, castles, masons, and cathedrals.  Just riveting.
  • Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.   This is THE BEST book I’ve ever read.  It stuck with me for months.  And to this day, I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen to please read this book.   Everyone who’s read it from my recommendation says it is the best book they have read also.   “Thus begins an unexpected journey into the truth of Anya’s life in war-torn Leningrad, more than five decades ago. Alternating between the past and present, Meredith and Nina will finally hear the singular, harrowing story of their mother’s life, and what they learn is a secret so terrible and terrifying that it will shake the very foundation of their family and change who they believe they are.


Well, I hope everyone gets to enjoy some of these books.  I loved every single one of these and many had to be
taken off the list to make room for these.  Like I said, I have three more lists that I will post over time.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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