My Body is a Complete Traitor 15

Happy Wednesday everyone!!  I have great news!  I have a title for my new D/s book, Finding Submission.  And I will have a cover reveal by next week (maybe sooner).  
I’m picking up from my last WIP snippet.  Preston found Avery in the playroom.  Her punishment is over (you’ll have to buy to read that ;))  Now they are talking during aftercare.  
“Did you find yourself aroused?  Was your pussy weeping in excitement seeing the implements or the spanking bench?  Preston pressed a finger into her wet sex, playing with her hard little clit. 
“Do I have to say, Sir. “  Avery shifted in his arms trying to unsuccessfully move her pussy away from his prying fingers. “I really don’t want to.”
“Yes, you do have to say.  You lost the ability to choose what’s being discussed when you broke into this room—you see, this room is mine and I make the rules while you’re in here.  So yes, due to your attempt to change the subject and to avoid my question, you’ll have to explain to me not only if your pussy was wet, but if it was dripping from your lips or down your thighs.”
Avery pursed her lips and frowned at him—“I don’t like it when you’re the mean Preston—I like gentle, sweet Preston. 
Preston again slid his finger into her moist slit, “Oh but sweetheart, your body loves harsh punishment and you can deny it all day and night, but no one’s cunt gets wet like this and truly hates it.”
Avery groaned and a soft blush rose on her cheeks.  
“And that little blush, told me the truth.  Thank you for the honesty, even if you didn’t say it yourself.” 
God, my body is a complete traitor. 
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