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ON SALE $0.99

MORE THAN SHE BARGAINED FOR is up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Kobo, and Oyster. We’re only waiting for iTunes and Scribd!

In celebration of More Than She Bargained For being released, Book 1 of the Widow Wagon Series, Second Chances is on sale for $0.99.   But only for the next four days!!!  

Each of these books can be read separately!

I have another excerpt for you today.  It’s a little sneak peek into Noah Jensen, Daisy’s new husband.  I fell in love with him, I believe you all will too!!

Noah put all the horses out to pasture,
the sun low on the horizon, the dew-covered grass glistening. He felt a sense
of satisfaction at seeing all the fenced pastures; he’d spent most of this past
spring fixing fences. His boots were wet from walking through the long grass
from the pasture to the barn. He stepped inside, wiping his brow as he stood in
the cool shadows.   All the horses were out except Bonnie, one of
the older horses. Normally blessed with a great disposition, the chestnut brown
mare with white socks had acted a little subdued this morning, and he didn’t
want her stressing the still-healing tendon in the cool of the morning.  Much like children, horses tended to play and
run in the crisp, spring air.  She needed
to rest today and would hopefully be ready for a run again tomorrow.
He stopped at her stall to pet
the mature mare.  “I know,
girl.  You aren’t happy with me
today.  You can play tomorrow.”  He gave her an apple — a little reward for
being stuck in her stall all day.  
Once he knew she was settled, he
started cleaning out the empty stalls in the barn.  Noah had only been on this ranch — his ranch — for three years.  Emigrating from Denmark had been frightening
and quite an undertaking.  But he’d done it.  His stubbornness had paid off for once in his
life.  The tenacity and grit required to
do this all alone had suited him well. 
After landing in New York City and staying the required amount of time
there as an immigrant, he’d received his papers, and with some other immigrants
from Denmark, he made his way to Chimney Rock, Nebraska, settling there with
the other Danes.    
Noah had started with only a
handful of horses and a small barn.   Now, he had over thirty horses. He bought and
sold them to the local villages and towns, horse-trading becoming his primary
source of income. Now that his life was coming together though, he had decided he
needed to have a wife — and a family. Today, he would go into town to get a new
shirt to impress Daisy when he picked her up at the station tomorrow.
Noah walked back to the house he
had built himself. It wasn’t huge, but it would make a nice sized home for a
family.  He had a kitchen, dining room,
living room on the ground floor, and three bedrooms upstairs.  Each room had one or two windows and he did
his best to make the inside clean and bright.
After working with horses all
day, he wanted his house to be calm and relaxing. 
At the stove, his maid Millie stirred
a pot of chicken stew.  She gave him a
small smile and Noah found himself thinking again that she was an attractive woman
for being in her fifties. Dark hair cascaded in soft waves around her face and
over her shoulders, a hint of gray at the temples, streaks the color of ash
highlighting the thick locks.  She was
curvy with wide hips and a plump ass. A woman who’d birthed her children, and
now played with her grandchildren.   
She turned his way and with her
soft southern accent said, “Now, Noah, I have this all set for you.  So, tomorrow when you bring your new woman
home, you just put it by the fire and warm it up.  I’ll cook these biscuits before I leave and
wrap them up in a dishtowel to keep them fresh until tomorrow. I know that Mary
has been cleaning and dusting.  She’s
changed your bed and the guest bed for whatever arrangement you’re having with
the new Missus tomorrow.”
She smiled at him again, a faint
blush rising on her neck when she averted her eyes. It was actually quite
adorable, but Noah found the reference to their sleeping arrangements embarrassing
nonetheless.  “Thank you! You women
have done a great job helping me prepare for Daisy tomorrow. I can’t believe
how fast this has happened.  It seemed months
ago when I received her response. I feared that this day might never come, yet
here we are — and it’s happening tomorrow.”
Noah went upstairs to find Mary
dusting the dressers and putting flowers in his room to give it a feminine
touch he hoped Daisy would be grateful for.
“Mary, the room looks
wonderful. I’m sure Daisy will be thankful for the flowers. It’s very pretty
and welcoming here. When you’re done cleaning the rest of the rooms, please
feel free to go home. I’ll make sure to pay you extra for coming early this
week. I appreciate it.”
Mary wasn’t more than a year or
so past the age of thirty.  She had a
simple blue calico dress on with small white flowers and a white apron.  Since her husband had been hurt falling from the
roof of his barn, she had been cleaning peoples’ houses to make ends meet. Noah
came up with reasons to have her come more than once a week so that he might be
able to help them with their finances.  Her
husband, Mark, had always been good to him, and Noah had never forgotten it.
Reaching into his pocket, Noah pulled
out some coins, handing them to Mary. 
“Why don’t you stop at the mercantile on your way home and get your
children some candy?  Make sure your
girls get a new ribbon for their hair too.”
“Oh, Noah.”  Mary’s shoulders slumped and she shook her
head at him.  “I can’t take
this.  You’re paying me for cleaning.  This isn’t necessary.” She held the
coins out to him.
“You keep those.  Besides, they aren’t for you — they’re for
the girls. No arguments.”  He folded
her fingers back over the coins, giving her a mock frown.   “You
don’t want to get in trouble with me. I’ll tell Mark you were
Mary blushed, putting the money in
her apron pocket.  “Well, I guess
I’ll be done here then.  Once your wife
is here, there’ll be no need for me or Millie to be here taking care of your
“Oh, no. I’ll  be keeping you and Millie both to clean and
cook.  This is an arrangement between
myself and you women.  Daisy will adjust
to whatever arrangements I’ve made.  It
shouldn’t be an issue.” 
“Well… women don’t always
take kindly to other women in their house. 
She might not like it, Noah.” 
Noticing the way Millie had
fluffed the pillows on the bed, Noah once again found himself amazed at the
little touches a woman added to a house. 
“You let me handle my new wife, and you just continue to clean — as
“Yes, Sir.”

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