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THE RENEGADE’S CAPTIVE is in the final review and formatting, it should be uploaded by the weekend! I just told a reader yesterday that I didn’t think it was possible but I love Silas and Minnie and Angus and Clara even more than I did before.  Y’all are in for a treat!

The above picture is a Victorian Enema Bench or Clyster Bench– the nozzle protrudes out of the leather seat– and by depressing the plunger it pushes water into the “victim.”

Also, FYI– when you lose the picture –trust me on this, do NOT type “Enema Stool” into Google –ACK!!!  No…just,  NO!!!!

Silas has informed Minnie that the next time they go to town as part of her punishment will ask the Doctor for a clyster for home use.  Let’s watch what happens 😉


After shopping for hats, parasols, dresses, under things, and more combs and ribbons than Silas wanted to know existed, he leaned into his wife and said, “I have a place I’d like to stop at for a bit.  Something of interest, I believe, to both of us.” 

With a hand on the small of her back, Silas guided her out the door of the hat shop onto the boardwalk.

And when he pushed the door open to the doctor’s office, her eyes widened, and he had to restrain from laughing out loud.  Instead, he smirked at her, nodding for her to enter first.

“Marshal, are you feeling ill?  Is something wrong?”

“Hey, Doc.  I’m fine.  I don’t think you’ve met my wife yet.  This is Minnie Stone.  Minnie, this is Doctor Peck.”

“Hello, Minnie, it’s so sweet to meet you.  What can I do for the two of you today?”  Doc took his bifocals off, intently waiting for an answer.

“Minnie, you have something to ask the doc for, right?  Something you wanted us to purchase for home?”  Silas put a hand on the small of her back nudging her forward, and when she looked like she may defy him, he rested his heavy hand on her little backside.

“Uh…well, we were…I guess—” Minnie pulled her plump red lip between her teeth worrying it.

“No need to be embarrassed, Minnie, I’ve heard everything.  Trust me.”  The doctor winked at her, obviously trying to ease her discomfort.

Minnie pushed by glaring at Silas over her shoulder, quickly turning away when he arched an eyebrow at her.  She’d pay for that bit of rebellion later. 

  “I need a clyster for home.”  Her face flushed from her neck to her hairline, and again, he found it absolutely adorable. 

“Oh, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  This is the 1870s; women everywhere have these at home, enemas not only help with constipation but many other maladies.  You’ll feel so much better having one available.”  He bustled over to his closet, pulling a box down from a shelf.

He stopped before walking over to them with two.  “I have one that would need to be administered by someone else, my dear.  And I have another one that you can administer yourself, for times when you’re uncomfortable and no one is around to help you.”


Minnie quickly responded with, “Oh no, I need to do it by my—”

  Silas interrupted.  “We’ll take the one that requires assistance.  As a husband, I see that duty being mine—all mine.”


Minnie narrowed her gaze at him, her lips thinned in apparent anger.

“Well, actually I even have something that is quite new, and many of my patients find it useful.  It can be used both ways.”  He went back to the closet, pulling down what looked like a footstool.  He set it on the counter, holding up the syringe type clyster that Minnie would need assistance with, but instead he dropped it into the hole with the plunger up.  By attaching a tube to the plunger, feeding it under the stool, there was a nozzle that jutted up from a leather seat on the top of the stool.  He hooked up the tubes after filling the syringe enema.

“A woman would kneel over the stool, straddling it and slowly insert the nozzle into her anus, once comfortable…or as comfortable as you can get, she would then depress the plunger pushing the water up into her bowels, and wait until she was uncomfortable and then evacuate.”  He had pressed the plunger a bit, showing her how the water came through the slight nozzle.

Silas jumped in before Minnie could say a word, the last thing he needed was an argument in front of the good doctor.  “We’ll take that for sure Doc, and the clyster that is required for it.”

“Oh, it comes as a package deal.  But I do recommend that you try it here, because once you’ve brought it home and tried it, I can’t take any returns. You understand. I have paperwork to do, so  I’ll leave you two to have privacy.  You can use my private exam room.”  The doctor held up the stool with the filled enema nodding toward the exam room. 


I’ll share more tomorrow and do a cover reveal!  Don’t forget– if you would like to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest written review, please email me or comment with your email address below:)





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